Paused "Bustin'" quest, now can't finish

Quite some time ago, I had to pause the “Bustin’” quest, because I couldn’t finish the last step. Am much better equipped now, so figured I’d finish the quest. Except that I no longer have the Entrapment Device needed to do the last step. I did discover that it was a known bug a couple of years ago, and apparently it requires a GM to reset the next step. I sent in a petition a couple of days ago but didn’t hear anything and had to log out. Do I have to stay on line and wait for a GM to contact me? Has there ever been a fix to this? Rather frustrating.

You shouldn’t have to stay online for the petition. When you log in you can type /petition again to view your open petitions and see if you have had a reply.

Do note people have been experiencing delays in petition responses of over a month, so it may take awhile before you hear back. Just keep regularly checking the /petition interface every couple of days and eventually you will find a response.

Thanks all…guess I just need to be patient. taps fingers. twiddles thumbs. checks petition. checks again. taps fingers. checks again Sheesh…being patient takes forever!