Query on GM response in-game

In the case of a bugged mission, where it was impossible to continue because of missing elements, I had occasion to file a petition. GM’s were very responsive, though we have yet to make contact over the issue.

The instruction I got in response to the petition appears to say I should go to the mission site – in this case the solo instance in the Kingsmouth sewers – open the petition and wait for a GM to respond. I did so, but after a half hour idle, having to move the avatar every few minutes to avoid auto-logout, when I updated the Tell chat, it said the GM was offline. Shortly after that I had to log out and will try again later.

My question is: is it necessary to wait idle directly at the bugged mission site in order to be assisted by a GM, or can one continue with game play and check the Tell chat or petition window for updates?


Not sure if that is simple to answer. What is and isn’t needed depend a lot on the bug itself. That said i personally havent heard of a case like this. What exactly is the bug?

In the mission “Appetite for Destruction” given by Moose in Kingsmouth, in the last tier, which is a solo instance, there is a mission with alternate incendiary weapons and an IED which is placed in white brackets at the end of a sewer tunnel. In the bugged version the IED is not available, the brackets don’t show and where there should be instructions for tier 5 on the right under where it says “Tier 5/5” – something like “place the IED,” the text area is blank.

My question is more about whether I have to sit their waiting in the instance for a GM or maybe I can just wait to be contacted and be there within a minute or so.

Sounds like something that GMs should be able to fix while you are offline. Not sure what causes the issue but I seen it with a diffrent mission once.

I was just dealing with something similair yd in transylvania. You deffinately need a GM on it, regular bug swatting fail badly with these =/. I believe they solve it by checking the objective that you can’t get past, so you might actually have to be in the instance for it not to lock up in a different spot? If it was out in the open world it might be a bit different. That said, i would think you could do other stuff while waiting for a GM, just don’t do something you can’t drop on the floor the moment a GM pokes you to fix it.

Hey there @coeurl14! I apologize for the trouble this issue has caused, and for the wait you have had in hearing back from us. Unfortunately, the issue you are seeing is best handled while you are online. Feel free to play normally and work through different missions while waiting for us, though. Once one of us reaches out to you we can just have you return to the mission area for further assistance. Thank you very much for your patience in the meantime, we’re doing our best to get to players as quickly as possible.


Very helpful, thanks all!