My character is stuck in the Gateway to Khitai, can not load ingame. What do I do?

My game crashes every time I try to load into my character. When I frist accepted the quest to travel to Khitai, the game’s updating progress bar an reading bar loaded to half full in the Loading Screen, then my screen flashed twice and it just sat there and froze. Task manager reads the game as unresponsive. It happens with this one singular character and there is nothing I can do to “unjam” it. Please, I need someone’s help, I can’t directly message any community manager as I just made this account to find help with my problem. I don’t know what to do, I tried repairing the game files and that did nothing. My settings regarding cinematics is to Play All, so this shouldn’t be happening.

I need help with this.

On the char selection screen click on settings, go to interface options and choose “skip all” on the cutscenes. Don’t know if that works but it’s worth a try. Also lower your graphic settings and try to login on DX9. Or try to travel to Khitai with some other char first, with all the above done. I hope this helps.

I made a funcom customer support ticket. Hopefully they either see this or receive my ticket within time. I could try these things but I dont think it’s a graphics issue, my pc is more than recommended statistics wise. I will consider my options though, thanks.

But turn the cutscenes to “skip all”, if i remember well this caused some problems on the one or the other of my chars while travelling to Khitai.

You want to TURN ON all cutscenes, or when you load cateway to khitai with the quest from Conan to go there, you end up stuck : exactly what seems to be happening. the problem is that you meet Cang Jei in that cutscene and it locks of cutscenes are turned off.

the setting is availlable in the character selection screen :
“interface options” → “Advanced” tab → all the way to the bottom : “Cutscene mode” : “Play all”

Yes, or this, i remember it had something to do with the cutscenes on my chars.

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