Game refuses to load past beginning cutscene

Hey so I’ve been attempting to play Conan all day and getting nowhere. Everytime I start it up it gets to the cutscenes and refuses to go any further. I have three little dots in the bottom corner for loading that refuse to go away, the Audio is about 2 seconds behind the scene I’m watching, it will freeze intermittently, and IF the cutscenes finishes it just boots me back to the Xbox dashboard. I never had this problem until after the chapter 3 update. Help?

How to reproduce the issue: Have base game, Isle of Siptah, and regional DLC installed. Attempt to start game. Never make it to the menu.

I’ve had this issue since the update for chapter 3.

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Greetings @Asta-of-the-ice!

Thank you for your report.

Regarding the situation at hand, does this happen when trying to play online or singleplayer?

I have it too. I am on Playstation and it doesn’t matter if online or offline playing after this, it’s the intro. I don’t test it with unplugged Ethernet.

it’s the opening cutscene, before the main menu is even loaded.

i have this issue on ps4, the only time the citscene can be skipped is about 1/2 way through because the stutter is so bad it’s like the game is having a stroke

I am having similar issues with the cut scene (Conan cutting you down from the cross). The cut scene skips parts, freezes etc as described by others.