Cannot Skip Glitchy Game Intro

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [US]

I’ve noticed that since the last patch that when I start the game I can no longer skip the intro. I have to watch the entire new Funcom splash screen and then about 20 seconds worth of the game intro video. I’ve seen those bloody feet so many times now… Also while the game intro video is playing it tends to glitch and freeze for just a second before allowing me to finally skip to the main menu.

This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if the game didn’t crash me to dashboard once an hour and thus require me to relaunch the game. But unfortunately I’m usually trying to hurry so I can get the game relaunched, load up offline single player, quit single player, go to play online and find my server, wait til the server ping corrects itself and finally join my game and hope I didn’t run off a cliff into a group of angry tigers. Adding even 20 seconds of game intro video just adds to the pain and suffering :slight_smile:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Launch game from dashboard
  2. Try to skip intro screens
  3. See bloody feet
  4. See game intro glitch and freeze before allowing to skip to main menu

I fully agree, my clan and I have even been cracking jokes about it due to frequently seeing it:

“First they took your wealth, then they took your gear and left you on the dashboard.”

My friends do a better version but that’s what I could come up with last minute lol :joy:

I really do hope they fix all the dashboard crashes and let us once again skip the splash screens in favor of a quiet loading screen with perhaps some cool art.


Are there three flashing dots athena the bottom left of the screen? If so the game is loading (itself/something not sure what to where).

I reduced the time I needed to watch the intro by moving conan exiles to my external drive.

Other than that nothing else can be done at this point.

Since yesterday’s patch, now I have to watch an even longer portion of the intro movie than before…

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It’s the same with my brother on the PC - he can not interrupt the freezing Intro.

So, I’ve found a few options for you on steam, but they’re quite old, so I don’t know if they’ll work.

  1. Left click.

only after “Loading…” becomes “Loading continue”

however, if you are using mods, mods load before the game.
this has the unforunate side effect of stopping you from skipping the intro.

  1. Change your settings

Go to: \Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config
open "DefaultGame.ini and set:

  1. Other methods
  • Another way is to edit the file Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config\DefaultGame.ini
    ; +StartupMovies=StartupUE4
    ; +StartupMovies=StartupNvidia
    ; +StartupMovies=CinematicIntroV2

  • Novids in start option in steam

  • click the small microphone looking icon at bottom of screen

The following I personally do not recommend, because I think it has some side effects:

  • GO Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Content\Movies and delete all MP4 Data.
    Leave only the video " StoryIntro " in the folder otherwise you cant join on the server possible.

They seem to be incrementally making it worse. The question is, is it on purpose, or incompetence?

The strange thing is I distinctly remember being able to skip it during early access and it would go to a “conan exiles” loading screen before dropping you into the main menu. If my memory is correct I don’t see why they can’t just flip that switch and have the video once again be skip-able. :woman_shrugging:

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That load time occurred before it got to the intro movie in EA. Now they have extended it.

Not sure why it like this now other than they were trying something for the memory issue they finally found.

All I know is if I have CE on my internal drive, that load time (and in game loading of objects) takes much longer than if the game is on my external (of course).

Right after the parity patch, which dropped back in May 29th, I know exactly I could skip the intro right after the logos of G-Portal, Simplygon and Graphine. I know that precisely because it was just one time I let the intro play out, to see the new Funcom logo, which was mentioned in the patch notes.

Since then the intro has gotten increasingly longer and longer, and after the last two hotfixes, on the 6th and 22nd this month I can only skip the movie after the close up of the woman on the cross, and as we can see Conan in the distance, approaching her.

Also the movie just hangs for about 2-3 seconds when we can see the blood dripping on the skull… I have no idea what’s loading in the background, but the movie isn’t skippable anymore up to that point.

Now all this happens on the PS4 but reading this thread, I think we’re in the same boat console-wise.

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You’re not alone, but I can skip mine right after the skull pans away and the screen flashing occurs.

Fun fact: I could skip it right after the blood dripping on skull too, before the last hotfix. After that, I cannot skip it anymore till I see Conan in the distance, approaching the cross. I really hope this will not go on like this or soon enough I might have to watch the whole intro movie again :rofl: