Intro Cutscene Cannot Be Skipped For A While

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: All

Bug Description:

Intro cutscene cannot be skipped on PS4 and PS5 (Source: me and friends) up until Conan cuts the woman free in the cutscene. This has been an ongoing issue for months, but I figured it’d get fixed eventually so no need to report it, but it seems no one is really reporting it(?).

Bug Reproduction:

Starting the game.


I can skip it every time. On ps5 and ps4. Not sure why you’re not able to. :thinking:

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I normally skip when the Skull comes up ps and now ps5


i have had bad stuttering on the Intro cutscene and can’t skip it. started in the age of sorcery for me i have found so many thing not working in this game now i gave up playing it and just drift in and out of the forums hoping it gets fixed


I get this bug on PC. I used to play on Xbox game pass on cloud version and never had the issue but when I moved to PC I now have to sit through a buggy stuttering intro scene everytime. Very annoying


Today I skipped it as soon as Funcom emblem showed up. PS5 official server.

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I confirm the problem. The video on me starts like cut scenes and only after i see the birds or Conans face then it can be skipped. Some other times the game beginning stops on Funcom emblem and when you press x it goes straight to the game menu skipping the intro totally.


This most likely is due to the game still loading its components (look out for the three flashing dots in the lower left corner of the screen - if they are still showing up, you cannot skip the intro). I’ve had this on the PS4 and couldn’t skip the cutscene until the camera switched perspective to the woman’s face (and I have already replaced the default hd in it with an SSD so it’s loading faster than before).
On the PS5 I can usually skip once the Funcom logo appears on-screen (since it’s using an NVMe instead of a SATA disk, its loading speed is accelerated again).

while this is true and the throbber indicates that I feel they should have a skip intro /loading window button, the noise is so annoying in the cutscene and I have seen it about a million times now.

Even if you were able to skip while the game is still loading its components, it would inevitably leave you with a blank screen until it has finished loading. The main menu can only appear once the game has completed its initialization.

Sounds like jumping from the frying pan into the fire to me.

No that is what I want, it can be just like the regular loading screen if they like, but a blank screen with a throbber is fine too.

if i was still playing it i would like a setting to just turn off the opening cinematic and have a loading bar or throbber with a loading screen or a blank screen. most games have this setting.

Hello everyone .
On the ps5 I can pass the cutscene immediately , on the other hand on the ps4 it is another story , jerky images , freezes, the sound which is not synchronized, slowdown of all kinds and so on.
I briefly returned to ps4 following the breakdown of my ps5, the games on ps4 are truly a horror.


Just recently found out how quickly we could skip cut scenes and get into the game on PS5 it’s great lost a server yesterday have to see if it is back.

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