[CLOSED][NPC] Temple Of Three Winds Cultists Spawn/Stuck In Walls

All throughout ToTw cultists are stuck inside walls. I presume they have spawned in these stuck locations. Players are unable to attack them in any way shape or form. You find this most prevalent after the first fork in the temples path, where you can choose either to go left or right down a pair of mirrored hallways.

ToTw is the first major dungeon the vast majority of players whom intend to continue playing AO encounter (the subway tends weeds out those people who are just checking out the game).
Experiencing so many cultists stuck in walls and being unable to attack them leaves a bad taste in ones mouth and may give the new players who once intended on sticking with AO, maybe even subscribing, more cause for reason to stop playing as they may assume further interactions down the line will be just as buggy/unpleasant.

Another issue is NPC’s getting stuck in walls when returning to their original locations after following a player who flees from combat. I’ve had two cultists that were following me from The Doorkeeper’s room after I fled from battle wind up getting stuck in the Guardian Of Time’s room (just to the left of the door leading back into Huyan’s chamber) There are 3-4 more NPC’s stuck like this in the temple, stuck continuously running into a crevice in the wall (particularly to the left and right of doorways), attempting to get back to their original spawn locations.

Please fix the cultists spawn locations so they do not spawn inside walls and please adjust the bounding boxes in these crevices to disallow NPC’s getting stuck in them.

Thank you very much for your time and have a wonderful day!

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Hello kklouzal,

This bug is here for many years now.
It is quite anoying with cultists, and… very anoying when it’s a boss that is stock like that.
For months the Doorkeeper was stuck, after someone fled from combat.

This boss actually drops a rare item that is very nice to have: for months this item was impossible to get.

I agree with you, this gives a very bad image of AO to new players or worst, returning players like me.
A game that is so aged should be almost bug free! But it actually has more bug than most new MMORPG in beta state.

I remember a long time ago, when FC did a “total rework of the engine”… It was supposed to fix most bugs. I suspects there is more now than before.

Please, fix at least the easiest bugs and the most anoying one…

Thank you for your report. I have been able to replicate it.