[Onslaught] Bosses / mobs stucked in geometry


Apart from regular mobs being stucked in the corners of the temple (luckily those can be pulled out by breaking the LoS), we have encountered this bug:

The boss was inside the doorway, behind an invisible wall and we couldnt aggro it nor damage it. Couldnt pull it out.

The only option was to leave the map and start again.


That one you can fear out of his “safespace” :smiley:

Good to know! So I demand fear feat on ToS, now! :smiley:

We’ll fix the Herald’s occasional tendency to stand idle inside collision.

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for those interested in a temporary way to deal with occurances when you can’t kill the herald…

his actual model is still somewhere on the path he had been on since spawning. keep his “fake location” in target and spam charge along the path he has been on, and you’ll maybe find his position. then he can be hit by some spells and combos.