Skull Sessions #3 - World First Problems

The third session of Skull Sessions is out and we are talking about rewards.
(also, first look at an MKIV weapon imbuer)

What are the full rewards for E17 NYR including fragments and distillates that were mentioned? When playing in beta, I always thought it would be a good idea if it dropped 4pip items. If you mentioned it, I didn’t catch it. Video kept skipping through.

Amen on OD giving signet distillates. I’ve only gotten two Signet distillate shifters so far. Also, now, I pretty much only play S&P for the blue chests and rarely go into OD. Before the balance it was the opposite. If OD had signet distillates, I would play both regularly.
S&P is a bit too easy in my opinion… Would be nice if it were more challenging for those blue chests.

It’s really sad that they made these changes when inventory space is so effing expensive. I’m up to 3,000 aurum for 12 spaces in my bank. There should have been a cut off for how much it costs. That’s $25.00 for 12 spaces (2.08+ per) since I buy 12,000 aurum each time. It’s even higher for those who pay less.

As long as you have one signet distillate shifter, all of your distillate shifters are signet distillate shifters :v:


When you use a distillate shifter it adds 2 stacks to your shifter buff and converts all stacks to the new type - so if you have 10 shifters and one is signets, as long as you use the signet one last, you’ll have 20 stacks of the “get signet distillates” buff.

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I know I’m the outlier here, but I only have base inventory and bank space (35/24 respectively) and I have actually gone UP in free inventory space since the patch.
Though this is mostly due to being able to level fodder so quickly in the past week that things fused, thus saving space.

I’m a hoarder when it comes to the stuff I get as rewards. I keep everything I know that I’m going to need in the future so that I don’t have to buy later when I actually need them. Besides me, though, I see a lot of people complain about the space and the price.

Also, like Molov was saying, I like to save my energized until I get those that give the guaranteed crit.

I don’t want to get rid of my others because I have other stuff I’m going to want to level quickly later… But if I have to, I have to.

That’s some good info for those who want to just delete theirs, though.

Yes but when you come to level something else later, you can just do the same trick with all the shifters you’ve picked up between now and then :v:


I right-clicked them all and accidentally used my weapon ones last lol. 27 to weapons.