Occult Defence rewards


Just doing a ‘for the record’ thing so far cause it’ll be kinda slow to get data on loot from long chains of waves.

Waves 1 - 12: distillate bag (cont: 2600 glyph, 2600 glyph, 2500 signet)
green glyph reward bag
glyph distillates 900 1400 1700 2600
weapon/talisman distillates 900 1200 1700 2500

Wave 12 is E6 and these are according to my notes, E6 E6 E6 / E2 E3 E4 E6 / E2 E3 E4 E6 rewards.

Pretty good use of my scenario key but I’m not clear why it’s those 3 lower tiers in particular since I did 6 tiers total. (2400 seconds / 40 minutes of waves plus like, 20 minutes of idling between)


Tried out one single wave 25 this morning - 3x 4k glyph distillates, 1x 4k signet distillate, 1x 4k weapon/tali distillate, glyph bag.

Then, i tried out a single wave 27 - got exactly the same rewards. I don’t know when the 4k distillates start dropping but this reward scheme doesn’t look fair to me considering how wave 27 is already way harder than wave 25. It just seems wrong that distillates get capped at 4k XP.

So the best strategy to upgrade gear at this point would be to find the lowest wave that gives the rewards above, and stick to it…


If I understand correctly, Waves 19-20 should be the equivalent of E10 scaling. So I would normally expect clearing those two waves to give equivalent rewards to one E10 Seek and Preserve scenario. I’ll try and update this post later. EDIT: Tried several things.

Rewards for doing 1 single wave seems to cap out at Wave 21. 4k distillates: 3 glyph, 1 signet, 1 weapon/talisman.

Reward for Wave 19 alone is 3600-3800 distillates, same as an E9.

Reward for doing both Waves 19 and 20 is only a bunch of 4k distillates, same as doing a single Wave 21. I didn’t try doing both 21 and 22 yet.

By the looks of it, the most time efficient method to farm is repeating Wave 21.

Oh and also, I was very rarely glancing at Waves 20 and 21 with a maxed red glyph, so it’s not the exact same as an E10.


I’d assume so, I failed at wave 17 yesterday and got the expected E8 loot for completing 15-16 which is 3 glyph,1 signet, 1 weapon/tali at 3200-3400. (gotta prioritize commanders way higher, every time one spawned I lost a solid 30% hp)

I feel 17 is on par with seek/preserve e10 in difficulty mostly because the lose condition’s easier to hit. The problem obviously is I’m a melee who refuses to kite. I take them out of the inner circle and kill them, when I should be looping round to the next spawn and doing some shenanigans to not die in the meantime.


Tried out running 5 waves at once today (since that’s the daily side mission), waves 17 through 21. Got the same reward as only running Wave 21.

The rewards are not well designed for this, I’m sorry. Running 5 waves should definitely reward more than 1 wave, if that same 1 wave is included in the 5.


I agree though I’m not entirely clear on the reward system ATM. Technically if I understand it correctly you should have got the equivalent of wave 17 and 21 rewards or some slightly greater amount then would be expected from doing 21 alone. Atleast in tests of players doing 15-20 waves I think the number of distalites were around 18. The Reasoning if understand correctly is that you only need to use one key for multiple waves. If of course you have lots of MoF it is actually better to do wave 21 5 times


I just ran wave 9-13 and got E6 rewards (5 of them, same as if I’d only run #11) Maybe it requires 7-8 consecutive waves to get the 2nd set of loot, and then more for every +2 from there?


Read the loot chest reward toolitps. The final item on the list is “Bonus Rewards,” which states that for “[e]very three waves completed provides” a bonus glyph distillate, Anima Shards, and either a signet, weapon, or talisman distillate. I’d quote it verbatim, but I hadn’t written the entire tooltip down in my notes and I have no access to my gaming computer at this moment. I might be wrong about a particular or two.


Ran 7-12 (E4-6), got (in order)
2 glyph + 1 signet for E6
glyph reward bag
E4 glyph
E6 glyph
E4 tali
E6 weapon

Not sure how to explain the tier of the bonuses though, as in this case it was 7th and 11th wave. On my wave 1-12 run it was 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th. On wave 9-13 it was only the 11th wave. Maybe it actually gives them for 2 5 8 11 14 … in particular? Can’t say much about results past wave 19 as they’re all E10 rewards.

I guess the way to test is start on 5 or 11 and quit after 4 waves but I don’t have any keys today.

Also ftr the base chest says “2 glyph distillates and 1-2 signet distillates” and the signet reward also mentions a “Fey Ley Line Gadget” (not exact quote)


I was busy today gathering data on the rewards earned through Occult Defence. So far, my data includes rewards for completing two waves at a time from Wave 1 through Wave 26. I intend to do more extensive testing tomorrow. My Occult Defence Rewards spreadsheet has all the data I’ve collected so far.


That doesn’t explain me completing 5 waves (17-21) and getting the exact same number and value of distillates as completing 1 wave (21). Did I get a boat load of bonus shards and missed that perhaps?

EDIT: I just tried it again. Completed 3 waves (19-21) and didn’t get any extra rewards over only completing 21. What should I say then, is this a bug?


I had just finished Waves 19 - 21 consecutively. Here was my loot:

  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [Signet Distillate (4000cc)]
  • You received [Glyph Reward Bag]
  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [4,400 Anima Shards]
  • You received [Weapon Distillate (4,000cc)]

This is, indeed, exactly as much loot as I would receive in a single Wave 21 scenario. No 3-wave bonus loot was rewarded. I completed Wave 21 and got identical loot (except I got a Talisman Distillate instead of a Weapon Distillate):

  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [Signet Distillate (4000cc)]
  • You received [Glyph Reward Bag]
  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [4,400 Anima Shards]
  • You received [Talisman Distillate (4,000cc)]

What is odd is that the loot reward window says, on both completing a single- and triple-wave scenario, that you’re to get two glyph distillates, a signet distillate, and either a talisman or weapon distillate, and yet completing one wave at a time rewards three glyph distillates. Are we receiving too much loot for stopping after one successful wave?


Actually based on time of wave you are probably correct but i wouldnt say that too loudly!


Reluctantly have to agree that we do. 4 minutes of Occult Defense rewards us the equivalent of 11 minutes of Seek and Preserve, plus a Signet distillate. I don’t think clearing a single wave of the new scenario is difficult enough to warrant such a difference in rewards for time spent.

Of course I love the current situation and devs please don’t fix it, but it would be more “fair” if we had to clear 2 waves of Occult Defense to get the rewards we get right now for a single wave.


After finishing Wave 23, I noticed that, in the loot reward tooltip that, along with getting two 4k Glyph Distillates, you get not just one but a chance at two Signet Distillates.


Just completed Waves 23, 24, 25, and 26 in succession, but I got only as much rewards for completing one wave:

  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [Signet Distillate (4000cc)]
  • You received [Glyph Reward Bag]
  • You received [Glyph Distillate (4,000cc)]
  • You received [4,400 Anima Shards]
  • You received [Weapon Distillate (4,000cc)]

My suspicion is that we’re getting the bonus glyph distillate from completing three waves when completing just one wave. And if I had continued with Waves 27 and 28 and completed them, I would have won at least one more distillate for completing two series of three waves in a row.


I’ve compiled rewards data for completing a single Wave at a time, from Wave 1 through Wave 27, giving us a baseline expectation of the quality of the rewards relative to the activity conducted.

Wave # Glyph Bag Anima Shards Glyph Dist. XP Signet Dist. XP Talisman/Weapon Dist. XP
1 1 800 x2 600 - 800 600 - 800 600 - 800
3 1 800 x2 600 - 800 600 - 800 600 - 800
5 1 1200 x2 1000 - 1100 1000 - 1100 1000 - 1100
7 1 1600 x2 1200 - 1400 1200 - 1400 1200 - 1400
9 1 2000 x2 1500 - 1700 1500 - 1700 1500 - 1700
11 1 2400 x2 2000 - 2200 2000 - 2200 2000 - 2200
13 1 2800 x2 2400 - 2600 2400 - 2600 2400 - 2600
15 1 3200 x2 2800 - 3000 2800 - 3000 2800 - 3000
17 1 3400 x2 3200 - 3400 3200 - 3400 3200 - 3400
19 1 4000 x2 3600 - 3800 3600 - 3800 3600 - 3800
21 1 4400 x2 4000 4000 4000
23 1 4400 x2 4000 4000 4000
25 1 4400 x2 4000 4000 4000
27 1 4400 x2 4000 4000 4000

When we compare this table with the drop data I’ve logged in my spreadsheet for completion of two consecutive waves (under the Doubles Rewards Log tab), we see a pattern emerge. Rewards for completing two waves at a time are equivalent to completing a subsequent single wave. For example, completing Waves 9 and 10 in a row rewards you with loot as if you had completed Wave 11. The consequence is that Completing Waves 21 and 22 rewards you with loot as if you had completed Wave 23, and all single Waves starting with Wave 21 reward the same loot.

The apparent problem with the rewards is that the tooltips claim that, for completing a single wave, you are given two glyph distillates, a signet distillate, and either a weapon or talisman distillate, but you are actually given three glyph distillates, which is supposed to be a part of the bonus rewards for completing three waves in succession. As I have shown in a previous post, the rewards I had gotten for completing Waves 19, 20, and 21 are identical to the loot obtained for completing Wave 21. It would seem that the bonus glyph distillate is rewarded to single, double, and triple waves, at the expense for those hoping to get bonus rewards for completing triple waves.

As Onevia has shown in the above screenshot, bonus Anima Shards and an extra weapon or talisman distillate are also supposed to be rewarded for completing three consecutive waves, but this is not what happens in reality for the first three waves. As far as my data suggests, single- and double-wave completions are rewarding one more glyph distillate than they should, while triple-wave completions are getting none of the additional rewards except the glyph distillate one can gain for less effort.

Finally, starting with Wave 21, you’re supposed to have a chance of getting one additional signet distillate as part of the standard rewards, but I have yet to see this happen after completing quite a number of waves from 21 to 28. It’s either rare or nonexistent.

As it is right now, there is more incentive to finish a scenario at a single wave than to soldier on and finish multiple consecutive waves, unless you want to earn more XP for every scenario key spent. This might not be a problem, and yet, it no longer seems to be true once you’re doing fewer than six waves starting with Wave 19. The system needs to be fixed before we can properly evaluate whether it’s worthwhile.

Occult Defence Bonus Reward Oddities

" 4 minutes of Occult Defense rewards us the equivalent of 11 minutes of Seek and Preserve, plus a Signet distillate. "

Maybe for you. Apparently I’m not good at Occult Defense, because while I can handle Solo - Seek and Destroy 9 (and usually run 8 just so that it’s not quite as dicey), if I get past Solo - Occult Defense 11 I’m screwed.

As a result, to do Occult defense I have to run lower reward levels than with Seek and Preserve… lower time -> lower reward. That’s fine. Still slightly better from a time perspective… not nearly as good from a key perspective.


It’s too soon to make such a statement. Occult Defense has been out for 4 days while Seek and Preserve has been out for over a year. It’s very different to the old mode. We know Seek and Preserve inside and out. There’s still figuring out to do in Occult Defense, on both a personal (approach, build, etc.) and a collective (mechanics, rewards, etc.) level.

I realize everyone is having different experiences in terms of getting used to the new mode, so I’m not advocating a nerf to rewards. On the other hand I can’t deny it’s justifiable in terms of time efficiency. Best case scenario (haha), they let it simmer a bit and adjust later.


I just ran 11-14 to check and it still gives only 5 distillates so it seems like it’s actually “an extra 2 smaller distillates on 6th, 9th,… waves”

Same as scenarios certain events are much harder than others, usually because of bugs… succubi are no problem unless they cast invisible fire. Commanders are no problem unless the map doesn’t mark them. Too bad the missing boss markers are a ‘more often than not’ bug.

I do have to change my build to more aoe-focused but I can clear E9 old scenarios and wave 19 od with similar ease. 20 and up I glance too much due to “only” level 9 hit glyph.