Weapon power - a question

Hello everyone!

I’ve got a question about weapon power stat. I just got a 3 dot epic pistols from the Agartha cache, which would be awesome if not for the fact that at level 1 it has only 550 Weapon Power.

My main pistols are L13 and have 1438 Weapon Power. From what I remember, the blue Level 25 pistols I used to create it, had 1000 Weapon Power. The question is: how can I increase the new weapon’s Weapon Power, so I can equip and use it?

You put weapon destillates in it.

The cache weapons start out lower since you can throw them unto a level 2, but catch up by the end of purple (or around there).


So I should keep feeding it until it’s powerful enough. Thanks a lot!

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Keep in mind that to get to a higher color you need to weapons of the same type (pistols…not specifically that specific pistol). So there are multiple chances that you for example can fuse in the epic cache pistol over your normal pistol.
Also cache weapons start lower but at the point of max epic they are equal in power to normal epics. Mostly so people can’T buy themself power out of the box

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