❔ Help: Solar-Powered Shotgun

I am a level 14 Soldier. I am currently in ICC HQ and trying to find a Screwdriver to adjust this weapon. I have looked at the vendor for tech, where I see hacker tool, lock pick, etc., but no Screwdriver.

Item: https://anarchyonline.fandom.com/wiki/Solar-Powered_Shotgun
“You might be able to adjust the weapon with a Screwdriver so that is performs better.”

  1. What does adjust do? Better stats?
  2. Should I find a better weapon?
  3. It’s taking me forever to kill stuff. I am not seeing many combat programs for my soldier, other than buffs.

Thanks for any help.

Answer is 2 :slight_smile: Have you looked for https://aoitems.com/item/301711/illegally-modified-ofab-shark/ in Subway? Or maybe someone has one for you? Had a look on the GMI?

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First thing I would suggest is taking a look at this soldier guide over at AO universe: https://www.ao-universe.com/guides/classic-ao/profession-guides/tepaminas-soldier-guide-13

It’s a little dated, but mostly still holds true.

At level 14, I’d be looking for the appropriate Illegally Modified Ofab weapon from the subway. Shotgun isn’t a common choice for soldier, as you miss out on the Full Auto special, but can be made to work.


A screwdriver can be bought at a Smithing Terminal in the trade-skills dept at any Fair Trade or Omni/Clan basic/advanced/superior shop.

The subway OFAB weapons are your best bet for good easily obtained weapons.

What Auctoria said above. I’d add, Soldiers are all about Shields and Full Auto.

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Thanks guys. I am using the Shark now. It works so much faster. I tried an energy weapon and it was taking about 7-10 seconds to fire, lol.

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At low levels that will depend on where your DEF / AGG slider is (bottom right hand corner of the screen)

At low levels it’s better to keep it at full AGG

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beside the FA Special, after the Shark you can have a look for https://aoitems.com/item/152027/neutrino-flash/ in the Steps of Madness, http://wiki.aodb.us/wiki/Steps_of_Madness, take a high with for the SoM shopping tour.

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I second @howlylynx, the Neutrino Flash is a great fun, fast weapon that has a proper oldschool AO soldier look to it. It will comfortably last you until 60 as a fr00b and is a good stopgap to your first Perennium Blaster if paid.

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