Epic Cache Keys

Those new keys cost 2000 aurum. Are they serious? For the same price you’ll get 13 normal keys and even save 50 aurum. I know there is no guarantee to get the epic/superior weapon/head piece, mount, pet or cosmetic with the normal key, but you’ll get 13x as many destilates and third age fragments. Or am i missing something?

You’ve pretty much already answered your own question. The guaranteed epic reward will appeal to a lot of people, and many will be willing to pay to get it.

I’ve had terrible luck with epic cache drops - two years of opening them has only got 2 epic weapons. I’ve little use for the cache distillates as all my gear is legendary. I’d love to get my hands on more agathan cache weapon skins, and this seems to be a good way for me to do so.

Ofc with RNG, I’ll probably get mounts and outfits rather than pretty looking weapons, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.

But even then, you could exchange the 2000 aurum for ~550k mof and just get the weapons you want from the AH (if they are sold).

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Yup, and I am hoping that everyone getting a cache key as a log in reward will improve the chances of the weapons being on the AH.

There’s stuff which sells for more though - the halloween cache tank neck for example.

I agree that the price is high, specially for still randomised loot, but there will be some people who are happy to pay for a better chance at the drops they want.

I lost the count of how many Agarthian Machinist stuff pieces I sold in the last months for a few MoFs each :wink:

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It’s Funcom finally doing something, anything, to suggest they realize their monetization feels super greedy because unlike the next scammy Asian browser pr0n gatcha game where you will get something super cool if you drop $100 right now, they’ve been refusing to guarantee decent rewards no matter how much money people dropped.

It’s kind of the wrong place to make adjustments, though; lockboxes are lockboxes. It’s the agent boosters that need tuning to be as customer friendly as the next gatcha system (i.e. it really needs actual offers that actually guarantee $100 aren’t all wasted on green gear garbage), but Funcom’s still ignoring that.


Yes, this thread misses the point that the only things added to this anniversary event were ways to take our money. Objectively worthless, cash-only agents and over inflated super cache keys. The cost almost doesn’t even matter.

I guess we did get a shirt with a 2 on it, so all must be well then.

You know, as cynical as even I am, I never would have expected this turn from Funcom. That should be a profound testament to the state of the game and to the state of Funcom as a company.


The thread’s about the epic cache keys, not what was added for the anniversary. Yes, that’s where they were added, but that’s not the subject.

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