Epic cache key drop rate test

Cache opening,details in the video

I would say the drop rate is suprisely high for purple weapons
If you are aiming for certain weapons,epic cache key would be a solid choice
But be ware of the tradeoff----you are losing distillates by opening epic caches instead of normal ones.
Consider by yourself if it is worthy for your need!
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Probably an exact split of chances for outfit, sprint and weapon.
Now the question is only what to do with so many sprints and outfits XD

Have a competition to see who can dress the most people in the same outfit? :thinking:


The only time I’d say they’re worth the money is if you desperately need one of the halloween neck talismans - the odds of getting the one you want are pretty decent. If you’re after a specific weapon then you’re better off just buying one off the AH. :v:

I have yet to get an epic key.

O you need one of certain purple weapon that normaly wont apear on Market.Like stuffs from oni caches.I still remmember Drenenth want a Unwritten talismán and that stuff not apear in market for about 2 month at least?Not sure but likely that situation.

Exact split including outfits worth 200 MoF (at most) on the AH?!!! That’s what I am supposed to plunk real money on? And no option to choose the weapon suffix yet?


Well the outfit I actualy sold for 36k mof buy true,genericly the epic cache key just not as good as normal cache key.But I think ppl whom buy epic keys are all aiming for certain very rare purple stuffs…so for these ppl epic keys may worthy.The most reward efficiency way however,if you are not aiming for specific weapon,just use epic keys open huanted caches,the talismán always sale for toon of mof and if you get lycathrope essence you probably earn money by opening epic caches…

Except you’d spend a fortune and likely never see the weapon you wanted. If you’re prepared to take any suffix then ok, it’s a 1 in 9 chance of being the right weapon but for the money you’d be spending would you really want to be stuck with warding or whatever? If you’re after a specific weapon with a specific suffix then the odds are 1 in 72 or something like that.

If you’re rolling in money and the cache you want a weapon from is out of rotation and it won’t show up again for months and you absolutely cannot wait, then yeah, they’re your only option. They still aren’t worth the money though, not by a long shot. :v:


Well, at this point, unless you buy one, you aren’t going to have one?

Since pre-launch i didn’t like the idea that the suffixes could not be changed.

It’s a case of: You could get a great weapon only to have it be subpar just because of the suffix alone, thous turning it’s value of the weapon into the skin of the weapon
(aside a few cases…)
If only we could re-fit the weapon’s “Signet” (Suffix) like we could in TSW.

But i also got a Set of Revenant weapons.
you know what i would buy if i could? a set of those for my Alt <.<;
as i miss having the Revenants around while on her…

Also saw the Distillate bag were not Red, so doubt the Distillates within them is a “Maximum” Red <.<
I expect the bags to work just as normal cache distillate bags.

I’d be content with an item that rerolls the signet!

An item that lets us choose a new suffix would be great, an item that gives us a 1 in 8 chance of getting what we want would be not great. :v:


If the random one was 1/8th the price, I’d pick that, even with my terrible RNG luck.

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The bags work just as normal cache bags,I open them get 8000 dis and I can stack them with my 500ish weapon bags in bank,so totaly the same as normal.
The suffix change would be a good thing,but imo it should be limited only as paid content,I mean,it should work as anima imbuer.

I am keeping 1 hounted cache in bank, will use it with the daily reward epic key for a chanche on a Lica neck, that’s it :blush:

how do u get the New keys

Spent rl money.O event day 7 Will reward you 1 free key.

just spend Money? and on every 7th day? not sure what you mean

Check the daily reward on the 7th day of the ani event.
Other than that you need spend money.

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