Keeping track of the last bits of Aurum

End of an era

Already back up to 10k…which still isn’t much.

I suppose it’s a can’t lose situation if you sell aurum for 300, you’ll always be able to buy it back for <=300

Just that it might take a while since everyone else also has to

Was going to sell mine, but the sell limit is 300. Not worth it to me, to sell it for 300 each.

You get more MOF for your Aurum right?

Ya. $9.99 = 1050 Aurum = 315,000 MOF (300x1050) if you sold them for maximum price allowed

I doubt you make more in a cache key than if you sold the aurum in average.
150x300=45k Mof sold directly.
Sure you can get an epic but not like every cache and most blues don’t bring that much either.

Also 315k MoF is nothing to look down on…that’s a f2ps monthly income from dailies even more for something people earn in 1-2 hours (in a first world country flipping burger).

Doing E10 DA daily gets me 500k ish every 20 days and I just convert that to aurum so I have a pretty good amount of aurum by now, random agent drops are probably worth 1/10 as much (mission ones not regional)

I think there’s no chance caches are worth buying, subscription gets you them at 1/3 price (30 for $12 instead of $40) Total I’ve earned off them this year is maybe 500k mof from 280 agarthan caches, admittedly that includes 0 purples


When I logged in about 20min ago there were no sale offers for aurum at all…

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Gone, reduced to atoms

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Currently 1975 up, get’em while you can. :partying_face:

…1975 Aurum, Illuminate confirmed.

Published in 1975, the Aurum sellers are sending us a message. “The parts were first published as three separate volumes starting in September 1975.”


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