Impossible to get Aurumns by Mark of Favours (MOF)

As devs don’t encourage this game anymore, seems people don’t purchases enough aurumns.

Currently there’s 120k Aurumns requested in Exchange, which means noone is getting any aurumn during Winter Holidays event. This means new players cannot get max sprint and other problems.

Aurumn Exchange been stuck last 3 months at 90k. Last time I got some Aurumns 2 monts ago. Now I’ve been waiting 1 month… still no luck. Actually it’s been at 90k for a good year.
End is nigh!

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Before the last birthday event, you could buy Aurums for ~270-280 each. During the event, prices raised to 300ea and didn’t lower since.
The AH aurum queue still works, but is indeed quite slow, as you mentioned, players don’t rush to buy aurums for $$$. Funcom could do something about that, but I doubt they will, they favor the cash over the welfare of players and gameplay.

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For the Aurum market to move there needs to be a reason to spend marks of favour. Players already bought all they need for mof and can buy stuff directly for aurum. If you search the forum for Aurum this thread exist for every single year. This is a player driven economy and most players are not interested in buying stuff for extortion prices off the AH. And since im a patron I open caches if im looking for something or trade directly with friends. Aurum will stay at 300 and creep extremely slowly until something changes in ingame meta or something new drops.

they favor the cash over the welfare of players and gameplay.

Say what? Arent you literally asking people to throw money at Funcom to make the AH exchange move ?

Probably asking Funcom to put Aurum on Exchange without having players buy it for real money.

Well obviously that will not happen

From press release FAQ

How much of the game is free?
All content in the game is free!

What about future content releases? Are those free?
All content will be free: current, past, and future!

Is the game “Pay to Win” now?
No. You will be able to earn everything in the game without spending money.

Will I need a credit card to play?
You do NOT need a credit card to play. The game is free for everyone! If you want to make purchases in game via Steam, that can be done using the Steam wallet. Aurum and the Patron Bonus System will require a valid form of payment at the time you make the purchase.

What is Aurum and what can I use it for?
Aurum is used to purchase a variety of in-game items and services in Secret World Legends. This includes but is not limited to: additional weapon pages, extra inventory space, additional characters, exclusive vanity items, and much more!

Points 1 to 3 : All content is free !
Points 4 & 5 : All content is free ! Except for items and services paid in Aurums. Aurums are not free.

All content is free. Items are not free. Content is not items

If you want to make purchases in game via Steam, that can be done using the Steam wallet. Aurum and the Patron Bonus System will require a valid form of payment at the time you make the purchase.

If you want to…

really hard to understand this?
All content is free. Check.

If you WANT to spend money on Aurum you are free to do that: Check

From the same document:

What is the exchange?
The exchange allows you to buy Aurum from other players for in-game currency.

From other players. Right now other players are not interested in spending their money so that you can exchange into Aurum.


I don’t agree with you on that point, I believe in-game items belong to game content.

An idea to maybe balance the aurum market : patrons get a daily cache key; that key is, in the shop, worth 150 aurums. What about giving patrons a daily 150 aurums instead of the key ? They would have the possibility to buy the key, or to stack aurums and sell those at AH.

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There is no content in this game I need to pay for. I know because I have more then one account.

I can if I want to, but I dont have to. Just as Funcom said.

Funcom never promised me that other players of the game would be forced to sell me Aurum if they chose not to.

And mark my words If Funcom was artificially buying Aurum they would be accused and yelled at from day one. “what do you mean I get less mof for the aurum I bought with my money?”

The exchange goes both ways.
Its a players market, and I expect it to stay that way

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After the last anniversary event people quit buying aurum. You can still get aurum, it just takes a little time. I put my orders in about 3 weeks ago and go mine yesterday. So it currently takes around 3 weeks. Sucks, but what can you do? Well, you can buy the aurum yourself. That’s what you can do.

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Unfortunately that exchange rate would be far too high.

The rate at which you can buy aurum for USD is approximately 100 aurum = 1 dollar.
The monthly Patron subscription is about 15 USD, which would be about 1500 aurum (if you could buy it that way).

If the daily cache key were exchangeable for 150 aurum, that’s 30 (or so) keys = 4500 aurum/month for the keys, let alone the other Patron benefits.

I must admit, it would crash the aurum market. 300 MoF/aurum is the ceiling, I wonder what the floor is?

FWIW, Funcom could try to revitalize the exchange by raising the exchange rate cap. That might in theory cause newly-harpooned whales to go on an Aurum selling spree to then splurge on MoF purchases.

I doubt it would actually work, mind, as SWL is probably a good two years past the point when it might have helped.

There is nothing to buy for mof

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There would be for actual new players that didn’t transfer a full wardrobe, set of pets, sprint styles etc. over from TSW.

Selling Aurum for that purpose in SWL isn’t really attractive, though; players’ real dollars exchanged tend to go further in other games. Games that also tend to be better at delivering on a modern ARPG gameplay, and despite not being story-driven actually have seen story updates over the last 3.5 years.

I’ve been monitoring the aurum @300 queue

Date __________________________Aurum queue @300
UTC: Fri Jan 07 20:15:09 2022_________147866
UTC: Sun Jan 09 12:05:12 2022________150403
UTC: Mon Jan 10 10:11:16 2022________145140
UTC: Mon Jan 10 19:39:01 2022________150920
UTC: Tue Jan 11 15:35:07 2022________154525
UTC: Thu Jan 13 06:57:16 2022________158297
UTC: Thu Jan 13 09:21:57 2022________168397
UTC: Thu Jan 13 21:31:29 2022________169304
UTC: Fri Jan 14 16:03:28 2022_________168971
UTC: Sat Jan 15 09:00:34 2022________165212
UTC: Sat Jan 15 21:24:53 2022________168548
UTC: Sun Jan 16 19:03:33 2022________166594

Waiting for next Aurumns… urf

however now I have multiple account bound characters… each can buy 12k Aurumns…and all of chracters can use ALL the Aurumns… so it’s like shared pool