Hexcoins inaccessible without spending Aurum


Gotta say, I’m a little disappointed and a bit annoyed that hexcoins are locked behind buying boosters. Sure, I can make mof, exchange for aurum, buy boosters, sell unwanted gear. That is the long, long route. What I thought was going to happen was that all agent related items would be sellable for hexcoins only.

Now I find out that dropped items are just another way to get shards. ie only worthwhile to put on the AH. Which, once it gets diluted will be as worthless as 90% of the gear attained via mission bags.

Considering how rarely agents and agent gear drop, I thought for sure they’d at least be worth some hexcoin. A slower way to work towards purple agents other than aurum. I mean, aurum would still be the obvious route, but alas it is the only way.

Just another version of Third age fragments.

Oh well.


Some of the prices I see for agents, especially the ones that are the upper tier and/or come from places not everyone plays, would at least mean in the short term they are worth quite a bit of MoF, which could be converted to Aurum, which can be used to buy boosters? Unless I’m not understanding how that all works. I’m planning on buy some with MoF.


That is fine and perfectly valid, certainly a better way to use agents you don’t want. However, green agent gear is worth 1 hexcoin when obtained from booster packs. Dropped gear (I’m guessing) is likely worth 250 shards, like every other green item.

Yes, it can all be sold on the AH, but eventually green gear is going to be heavily diluted in the AH because who wants to equip their agents with the worst possible equipment?

Not to mention once equipped, agent gear is bound. Seems rather a waste that once I get an upgrade my only alternative is to get a few shards. Meanwhile, booster obtained gear is still worth hexcoin even after being bound, no?


Yeah, it’s a bit of a bummer in the short term, if we’re not willing to buy boosters. Conversely, ‘eventually’ we’ll start to see the better gear show up on the AH, and the price come down to reasonable levels for the better gear items as people either buy/hex their way into what they want up front, and then immediately sell any of the drops they get that are now dupes, or other people get drops and slowly outfit and then sell their dupes to me.

I’d ‘eventually’ get what I want, I just won’t get it anywhere near as soon as the people who buy boosters and convert to hex.

A final boring paragraph…

I fell into most of my signets the same way. I figured signets were just something I’d never get (I don’t really play in content that drops them), and having Patron from being a TSW lifer, I was getting all these distillites to use for them. Eventually I realized it really wasn’t very expensive to buy signets from the AH and then use all those distillites to level them up. I got to Kaidan and containers pretty late in the game too (after the nerf), and get a lot from those as well. So I’ve been ‘slowly’ getting there. Just over 600 ip now, which is way more than I need for the content I do.


I’m not really concerned with that aspect of it. I’m also aware and accepting of how my progression with agents will go. Its not about that. Its about the fact that when I do get gear drops via missions, agent or otherwise, they are extremely low drop chance right now.

Selling them for 250 shards because I have no desire to deal with the hassle of wasting MOFs on the AH to sell a green gear item is disheartening.

It just does not feel worth it to me, even less worth it is getting a useless junk item and trying to hock it onto someone else via AH knowing that it won’t sell for nearly what its worth considering its rarity.

I mean, we don’t even have the final resort option of using them as fodder since agent gear has no leveling system.

If I could sell them for hexcoins, at least it would be a nice alternative and may eventually lead to the possibility of getting something I want.


Yeah, although they must have been worried there was too much stuff to buy with third age fragment so they created a new currency… to make sure people couldnt be tempted to use their third age fragment on new agent system :thinking:


Don’t worry 3 years from now they will do a massive currency merger like they did in TSW and everything will be good again for a couple years.


Hexcoins are meant as a currency for people who spent money on bags in order to actually buy agents in the event of duplicates.

They aren’t for you to just go out into the world and pick up off the ground to buy agents.


Locking hexcoins behind aurum in no way guarantees that person spent money.

Boosters are a guaranteed way to get hexcoins, not once did I argue against that. Wasting drops, which are pretty fraking rare, by selling them for shards is just a pointless endeavor.

Thanks Mod.


Please remain as objective as possible. A little tension is okay in a debate, but please don’t attack each other.


Come on now, everyone should have realized by the way they handled the point conversion from TSW to SWL (not allowing everyone to trade, waiting 3 months into relaunch before implementing, etc…) that this game was nothing more than a F2P cash grab, reminds me of the path SWTOR took when it went F2P. It’s free, in theory, but if you actually want to enjoy it you have to PAY and pay A LOT… Their new agent system is indicative of this mindset.

Too bad too… I looked forward to this relaunch… Now, I barely log in monthly and even missed out on the Christmas event…


I wouldn’t mind if patrons got a single hexcoin added to the daily login bonus. It wouldn’t exactly be game breaking to let patrons buy a random blue agent every month, in my humble opinion. :v:

I know it’s kind of cliche to ask this (though to be fair, your post is itself drenched in cliches) but why are you still here if you don’t like the game? I’m not trying to be funny or anything - you’d probably feel better talking positively about a game you enjoy rather than talking negatively about one you don’t even play.


A nice idea yet still not entirely the point to this thread. We get gear drops from missions, which are going to be mostly green. They are rare, very rare in fact and the only thing we can do with them whether patron or aurum buyer or free player is sell them for shards.

Green agent gear is already down to 3k mof on AH, as time goes by they will be worth less and less. Once you buy them, then what? Eventually you will get upgrades yeah? Insanely rare drops worth 250 shards.

Its just as bad as getting rare museum drops from regional bosses, the “end game content”, they sell for nothing.

Everyone is okay with that? If they could be sold for hexcoins, just as booster gear is, at least it would be a somewhat worthwhile exchange for our time and effort.


The way that it was discussed before the launch of the Agent System, I had been under the impression that all agent dossiers and agent items, regardless of whether you acquired them through Aurum or in-game drops, would give you Hexcoins when you sold them to vendors.


Yes? Hexcoins are a premium currency, same as third age fragments. I really doubt they’re going to add a way of getting them without actual money changing hands somewhere.


Not that I owe you an explanation, but I’ll answer your question. I stay tuned in because I enjoy the story and am waiting for something that makes playing the game worth it again to me. I don’t hate the game… I hate their nickel and diming…

Also, there is nothing cliche about the truth and that is what I said not an opinion. All points did not transfer over… Fact. It took about 3 months (longer than one month that’s for sure) for them to implement the transfer… Fact. The current agent system is only really going to be worth it if you sink some serious cash into it… Fact.

There is no reason that points should not have transferred over as long as Lifetime membership did as well as the fact that they left their intentions very vague purposely so people would not know what was going to happen (yeah that parts an opinion, but an opinion with a history to back it up). Everything about this game screams PAY PAY PAY…

I am hoping that eventually they realize nickel and diming their player base is not the way to go. So, for now, I hang around.

I wish more people would take a look at Star Trek Online for their F2P model. It’s not perfect and that game has other issues (terrible endgame for one), but I never feel like I am being nickeled and dimed for anything that truly matters in game like sprints, agents (doffs/admiralty in sto), auction house items, etc…



I’m sure if you say “nickel and diming” another dozen or so times they’ll start to come around. Seriously though, I’d be interested to hear your specific complaints because I don’t think the free to play model is bad at all so I’m curious what you consider to be the most egregious instances of five and ten centing. Certainly, if your main interest is the story then it’s perfectly possible to play that from end to end without spending a nickel or dime - I know several people who have done so.


you write quite a lot. But maybe you should actually play and test more.

In reality gear bag missions are not insanely rare. They are uncommon at best. Completed 3 today. Seen many more but I only go for guaranteed blue loot atm. and they take 4hrs, so…

Mostly green… nah… I don’t even bother with green things.

And from one blue bag I’ve got yellow item. That’s rare and that’s what you go for at start. Just like gadgets. The “end game” are red items. You kinda need them, accompanying epic agents to be able to run purple bag missions with slim chance for red item. They will not be worthless anytime soon.

As for hexcoins… no problem they are aurum locked.

I only think they should use third age fragments for that as there is no reason to have another currency for aurum bags.

And that it’s an insult to buy just another chance to get something you need while you most likely just exchange 200 hexcoins for 4 hexcoins because you get duplicity. Hexcoins shop should offer individual agents/items, not another chance, for such pretty high price.


Kind of exactly my point. Aside from the 30 or so greens on AH right this moment, there is little reason to go for missions that award them. Why? Because they aren’t the best. If they sold for hexcoins, would you bother with them then?

Of course, you’ll be tempted to say no, but luckily you don’t speak for everyone.

I agree with you on the randomness factor though, but that’s another matter.


Aurum would not exist if money did not change hands somewhere. I bought boosters with aurum I did not directly pay for. Not even complaining about that part.

Kinda just didn’t want yet another way of gaining shards, as this guy said.

I thought it was all agent related items, not just booster only. We get agents and agent gear from missions. There is a finite demand for gear, especially the lower quality ones, once people start gearing up, they are nothing but shards.

So now we avoid the missions that award them. Creating Hexcoins solely as a safety net for booster duplicates seems a bit odd to me. In fact knowing it for what it is is a sure sign that you will get plenty of duplicate agents and terrible gear. Eventually people will stop bothering with boosters altogether as hexcoins won’t even worth the effort in a few months time.