Trading aurum for mof

So ive been looking at the exchange for these and it doesnt make sense to me.
Players who want to sell aurum get 267 mof per aurum whereas players who want to buy them are offering 272 mof per aurum…what gives funcom?? Wts aurum…but not for 267

You might think meh its only 5 mof…well do that times 2000. Not so small then

Also whats with the refresh button on the exchange page ? I click it but nothing happens

The prices being offered there have nothing to do with Funcom, that’s what players are willing to pay. If you want to sell for 272 then you can put them up for that but they won’t sell instantly. Also the refresh button will only actually do something if the amounts involved in the orders have changed.

The reason why i say ‘what gives funcom’ is because the system doesnt make sense. There shouldnt be a seperate wts/wtb area. Its the same thing in the end. Players buying and selling. Now its unfair for the players that are selling

You do not want to sell for 267? I do not want to buy it for more than 180 as it costed soon after game release. :thisisfine: Both prices are for players to decide though. You do not want - then don’t.

You dont get it do you? If players are willing to pay 272 mof each then I as the seller should have the option to sell it to them. I cant because they seperate wts/wtb

It’s you who doesn’t get it. You do have the option to sell it to them. Just list your aurum at 272 marks.


To clarify, the part you’re looking at that shows 272 marks is other people selling at that price, not wanting to buy. If you put yours up for that, it’ll sit there until people buy some off you. The other side with 267 is people buying and if you list at that price, some or all will be sold immediately to fill those buy orders.


WTB Aurum and WTS aurum can never meet.
Cause they nullify each other.
WTB Aurum always will be lower as WTS Aurum. There will always be a few eole selling there aurum quick lowering the buyprize while on the other hand there will always be eole buying aurum for mof no matter the pprize driving the WTS aurum prize up.

The prize from the side of funcom is always fixed at I think 10 bucks for 1k (correct me if wrong I never bought aurum).

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It looks like a confusion of the UI, which isn’t the most clear to be fair. The left side where it says BUY at the top, is where you put in information when you want to BUY aurum. The prices listed below is the prices that people are SELLING aurum at.

Reversed on the right side where it says SELL at the top, is where you put in information when you want to SELL aurum. The prices listed below is the prices that ppl are willing to BUY aurum at.

the 272 is the lowest price someone is selling at. 267 is the highest price someone is willing to buy right now. Neither will have their trade go through, untill someone matches the price they requested.


@SinOfTheWolfs Thanks for clearing that up. I thought that the prices listed on the left side were players who wanted to buy aurum for that price. I didnt know those were the prices that people are selling it for. My bad.

No problem. I had trouble seeing through it originally too. Helped me to think of it as using only one side at a time. :wink:

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Really the top items on each side are the price to buy aurum instantly (272 mof each) or to sell aurum instantly (267 mof each). If you want to buy it for less than 272, or sell for more than 267, you can list in the space in between, and if you have the cheapest aurum available people will buy yours first but it can’t be sold instantly.

I think the gap widens because someone with a lot of currency is forcing it that way? Cause if they have both the prime listings (best sale and best buy price) anyone who wants an instant exchange goes to them and they profit that 5 mof margin and they can just relist the currency they received.

I usually list my mof equal to the best price and it exchanges within a day or so.

The bigger the gap the higher the risk that someone places below or above you. The best gap is a 1 mof gap as there is no gap to close and you make 12k per flip (you can’T buy/sell more than 12k aurum)…also currently with sinking prizes it is kinda risky if you get greedy.
But there is still money to be made with flipping.