No more Aurum in the Exchange?

So, I haven’t seen ANY aurum for sale in the exchange at all in, nearly a year now I think… even at the cap price of 300 MoF per.

There’s almost 250k requested, but none offered.

Are we just out of luck on this now? I have plenty of MoF, and would like to exchange some, but it seems a lost cause at this point.

I guess I can see how you think this if you don’t understand how the exchange works…

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Buy orders are first-come-first-served. If you put in a buy order now at 300 MoF each you still have to wait for the roughly 250k worth of older buy orders to be fulfilled before it’s your turn. And that can take several weeks.

The reason you don’t “see” aurum being sold is that the active buy orders exceed the amount of aurum being sold. And aurum put up for sale is automatically snatched up by existing buy orders.


So do the buy orders go by most recent or oldest? I have been reposting daily for a while in the hopes it is most recent.

If it’s by the oldest ones then I should give up as there’s no hope of clearing out all the older ones at this point.

First-come-first-served, as I said, i.e. oldest buy orders get fulfilled first. If you repost your buy orders every day then you will be in fact waiting forever. Otherwise it just takes a bit of patience.

I just collected some aurum this week, so people are still selling.

When did you post it?

I didn’t make a note of the date, but I believe that it took roughly six weeks for the buy order to get filled.


Why would it be the most recent? How is that fair to anyone?

It does take a while to get aurum now, but you will eventually get it. Reposting just puts yourself to the back of the line every time.

How much was it? Just wondering

2000 on one character, 1000 on another.

I put an order for 1000 up about a week ago, I guess I’ll just leave it and see if it ever gets filled.

I’ve put some MoF on the exchange during the first days of the anniversary event back at the beginning of August. I got the Aurum at the end of August, so about a month’s turn around. But please keep in mind that big event drag many players back in for the duration. So if you put MoF on the exchange last week, you should have it by the time Halloween comes around, or during the event itself, since it’s the next big thing on the horizon.
Be patient, it will come around! But do not put it out to change your offer, or you’ll end up back at the end of the line.