Why no Aurum on the exchange?

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forums, been playing SWL for about 18 months and I love it!

Concerned that no aurum is available on the exchange to buy using in game currency i.e. MoF.

Why is that?

Is it because there are genuinely no players selling aurum for MoF or is it because Funcom has stopped supplying aurum on the exchange? If the latter, wouldn’t that be a sneaky way of Funcom forcing players to use real world money to buy aurum?

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The price of aurum has reached the cap of 300 MoF and there are currently no players willing to sell aurum at that price.

Any aurum in circulation has always come from players who paid real money for it.

More buyers than sellers at 300, any that get listed are immediately sold to whoever put in a request earliest. Probably for the best that it’s capped as far as being able to get any though…

It sells fast. I would put in a buy offer for 300 MoF per Aurum now, even if no Aurum is currently showing available. When someone posts a sell order, it’s first come first serve. Don’t wait to put in a buy order. Since the Samhain event is here, people are buying a lot of it. When I see 10000 Aurum posted, it’s gone in a short amount of time.

Aurum is selling faster than it is entering the market and with 300 being a hardcap the market ran out of supply buffer.
Aurum still gets sold but at a slower rate than it gets requested. If you truely need aurum best bet is making a buy offer at 300 and than wait. Since it goes through the orders based on time of creation at some point it gets around to one self.

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Funcom never supplied aurum to the exchange. They only set a cap of 300 after the price seemed to spiral out of control

The cap of 300 has been there since launch I think.

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That’s my recollection too, pricing made it look like they intended it to be worth ~50-75 and just put a cap on to limit shenanigans.


Little if any aurum is entering the economy probably because few are buying it for real money, especially given the impressive lack of anything resembling an effort that was made for both the Anniversary and the Samhain event.


The road map is still LATE 2017 / EARLY 2018. I have the impression that they are not planning to update anything. But still, have fun with Aurum.

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Right. No one wants to buy aurum with real money to put it up for sale at this point because they see no hope for new content.


We’re now at the point where it’s really hard to track the amount of aurum being sold. There’s buy orders in for the maximum MoF price, so as soon as any aurum are listed, they’re sold.

At first glance, that means that it looks like there’s nothing being traded, with the only way to track the market being to look at the fluctuations in the number of aurum requested at 300 MoF. As that goes up with new buy orders as well as going down as aurum are sold, it’s not something that anyone other than Funcom can really track with any kind of confidence.

There was a point yesterday when all of the 300 MoF buy orders were filled and there was a surplus of 9000+ aurum offered for sale.

Grabbed a couple myself since I wanted another charslot. I never thought I would have the issue of having the MoF but not the aurum to buy with it XD

I put in a 299 order when it had >20k already and it’s down to 11k on 299 so I guess at least 10k sold for 299 over the last couple days, could be more since there’s no indication where my order is in that 11k

3 days later update, some of mine sold so I guess about 3k per day of new aurums are going onto the exchange, seems like pretty low income for an mmo

I can only speak for myself, but I’ve only ever once bought aurum in order to put it on the exchange (during the Whispering Tide, to get the red Carapace armor for an alt). Ever since, I’ve only bought aurum to spend it directly. My characters have enough MoF for their needs.

But it does indicate a lack of new players wanting to fast-track their progress.

Might have something to do with there not actually being anything worth fast-tracking like that. A new player actually reading up on the game will find out quickly that character progress is largely irrelevant next to gear progress, and the latter requires Aurum, not MoF, to fast-track.

Maybe if the exchange rate weren’t capped at a ridiculously low level that would almost certainly stifle the economy even in a game with a truly well-designed monetization…


I’ve spoken to quite a few new players who sell aurum early on to unlock weapon pages. There are also quite a few who prefer not to spend aurum on cache keys, but instead get MoFs so that they can straight away spend lots of time running dungeons, lairs and scens.

I was surprised that they didn’t just buy cache keys tbh, (seemed more like a straight conversion of cash to item xp,) but I guess when you consider the amount of aurum that keys cost, it actually works out pretty well.

I can see getting started with a million or so MoF to get your radiant cold silver dice etc. right from the start but after that yeah, all your progress is from being subbed and grinding it out.