Cachefarming: Can it be done better?

With the anniversary cache being in rotation just 4 weeks and lot of people throwing the towel I thought it might be a good idea to farm some cahces.
But so far my results are underwhelming. Maybe cause I do to many golems inbetween, maybe I am just not doing the right enemy/zone?
Currently I run innsmouth: Familiars or Kingmouth/Beginning Street: Zombies. Is there any place better for cachefarming? Or for that fact any personal technique, personal trick about making most out of the cachedropchance?

I don’t expect really much of it but who knows…maybe someone knows something so far lesser known about caches to exploit for more drops.

If I want to kill lots of monsters and take their stuff, I run scenarios.


So farming caches with the scenario farm this weekend would be viable. Haven’t thought of that. Nice <3

Werewolves that is all. That’s a hint.
40-60 caches in 10 minutes however there is a soft cap that stops them from dropping for a period of time. 8hrs perhaps? Can’t remember, been a long time since I did the old belt farm.

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I tried werwolfs today but didn’T seem to be able to get them to drop anything and gave up…maybe I am just incredible unlucky.

There is a quest in carpathian fangs that allows you to spawn 100s of them. Need to be done in a group though as one player is required to trigger the spawns

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second mission of traian. I know. Been there today.

Ah ok it’s possible you reached the soft cap then? At a certain point they stop dropping and you have to wait a while

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Could be…sucks but could be. Shame that caches even have a softcap. -.-

I think you meant weeks. :wink:

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About 40-60 in my experience. We killed about 5000 werewolves after hitting that cap and only saw 1-2 caches drop. If I remember right we did it every 8 hours but even after 8 hours it felt like less dropped 20-40 so it may be a rate that gradually increases over time based on how long it’s been.

So there is a limit on how much caches I can aquire during the event…oh boy. Means a lot of people will probably never have the Buzz bumblepup pet and the prizes will go decently high after the cache rotates out…
And I thought I at least can hoard a nice supply

5000 werewolves, so about 5 minutes then :slight_smile:


If you mean Caches what are opened with Cache keys, then drop rate is higher if you actually open these Caches. I spend about 20€ a month on Caches so I get about 20 Caches a hour (about 1:10 rate) no matter what I kill and where.

But if you think these Caches turn valuable after Event… I’ll bite and farm some this weekend :smiley:

I’ve got 2 1/2 full stacks. Around 250 caches from the first week. I don’t think “farming” will be a problem. I haven’t done anything special to get them. Just what I normally do anyway.

20 caches in an hour of killing isn’t exactly a lot. If you think you’re getting preferential treatment for buying keys, I believe your baseline is wrong.

1:10 ratio is ok, meaning I kill about 200 mobs a hour, while running up dailies. Meaning I dont “grind” mobs.

Let’s be creative.
How about do SD lair with 10+ alts?
The lair itself has close to 100+ mobs and can be solo’d within 10 minutes.
And then mob respawn almost right after that.
With all the alts, it’s 1k mobs every 10 minutes XD
Having so many alts also avoid cap on a single character :stuck_out_tongue:

Another a bit lazy solution will be constantly abandon lair’s defense mission when about to complete.(Just park alts in the mission zone. But, don’t have them take missions. Thus, when need to reset the mission, the main just needs to move out and come back to restart.)

But… why people farm at all?
There is unlimited cache supply at 100MoF, current exchange is at 200
that means 1 aurum = 2 cache
$100 = 12000 aurum = 24000 cache = about 8 hours work at low salary or maybe just 0.5 secs in stock market…

A. You can only buy them during the event. And the farming is for when they are rotated out.
B. Comparing to money is valid. But it leads nowhere…(nearly) ANYTHING, can be bought far faster for money. In direct comparison you always lose.

It gives one a project to put work behind…sure running in circles kicking mobs like puppies doesn’T sound fun but heck Jimmy found fun in farming corn. I do it now in hoarding caches.
Sometimes you gotta do illogical things because their illogical nature feeds your rebel soul.
Also I would love to try SD farming that way…but I think I still am bound by my ability to not even dual wield chars. I’m such a noob XD Git gud I guess…need to learn the way of the rabbit.


“/follow” command is the coolest thing for having a leeching army of alts running behind you and pick up loots(in setting pick up loot automatically). XD

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