When are they going to cycle the caches again?

It’s been on Infernal for FAR too long. Longer than any one before it. Why not bring back others like the Future Tech?

In June, for the Anniversary.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Seriously? I wonder if Funcom realize that if that’s true, it’s tantamount to admitting the game is dead (or at least completely stagnant), in a very “we don’t even need to bother trying to keep the money flowing” way.

Not sure how an annual event with a linked cache is a sign that the game is dead tbh. The anniversary cache was popular for the cosmetics and the weapons, and I know plenty of people who still want the faction wing sprint skin.

It’s possible that the next anniversary cache will be different (which given that we’ll have had the infernal cache for longer than normal would be nice), but the rotation’s only off by a month (last year we had Tribal cache April - June, and we switched to infernal in March).
If they do recycle the anniversary cache, they’re going to need to change the name from “Anniversary 2018 Cache” though!

They really only hang around for 1-2? Usually feels longer… Infernal only been around since march 13th

We had 6 caches in the first year, we’ve only had 5 this year. So yeah, they were only around for a few months each. Winter had the longest run which is probably why you still see so many snowballs!

Huh, always felt longer, but then i don’t play the game for the contents of the caches so i’m not really counting xD. Anni seems the most likely change time.

I don’t know, it’s possible that they could spring an extra cache on us any minute, but I think it’s more likely that we’ll have the change with the anniversary.

Well, 4 months for the same, already recycled cache is not a great way to generate actual spending excitement with most types of players I know. But I guess actually selling a little to a lot of players was never the plan for the SWL whaling operation, anyways.

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Not to mention that the previous cache was a recycled one as well. The last time we got a fresh cache was nearly half a year ago.

Well one thing seems likely the next cache will be recycled too, most of the game is & i think Bomb shelley is right this game is practically dead unfortunately for us.

I think recycling caches is important to give people another chance and giving peole the stuff they want but there is a limit to how much you can recycle before it becomes annoying. Personally I would love a new cache released. #KawaiiCache :wink:

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Personally just the name scare me xD

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A better way of giving people a shot at old stuff might be having one “legendary” cache that cycles through the old ones (monthly ideally), alongside an actual new cache every 3-4 months.

You know, so it actually looks like SWL is still being actively developed, as opposed to looking like even the boring caches for the awful gear system are in maintenance mode already.

Infernal hasn’t been on for as long as winter cache was on for the first time, was it? Now that was a long time.

As far as the “no new cache until Anniversary”, that could be the case, but obviously that person made that up on the spot. They have not said anything one way or the other about new caches yet that I have seen, unless someone has a twitch stream they can link where they talked about it.

And get real, if they release a new cache before new story content, the same group of people will complain that all the resources are going to the caches and not new content. It’s a lose/lose situation.


That’s possible, but at the same time, it didn’t stop them from releasing everything they have since the last story content. At this point, there’s too many people calling for too many changes, so there’s no way they’re going to please everyone. A new cache is nowhere near my list of top priorities, but at least a new cache would please the kinds of people who would spend money on it. And isn’t that who SWL is actually aimed at?

I agree with some others that the lack of new caches is yet another in a long line of signs that the game is stagnating. A free-to-play game isn’t going to last if it doesn’t bring in money from micro-transactions. I can see the reticence to add new weapons to a system that already has a problem with balance, but they should at least be putting some effort into new cosmetics.

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They don’t have lot of players anymore.

Player numbers are a bit hard to gauge. I mean yes, on Steam SWL seems deader than TSW ever was (prior to being pronounced dead), but with the somewhat botched relaunch, I’d imagine most hardcore fans aren’t actually on Steam.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was at least a little concerning that it’s been so long since new things to spend money on were added.