Dear Devs, I would like to draw your attention


We have heard the exciting annoucement of what is to come on the 4th of April.

What worries me is the rumor that no new content will be released until that date.

Please, release a new cache as I would really like not to have to call you names and mock you for making WINTER caches drop during SPRING.

Yeah, Spring is on the 20th of March. And if you’re thinking about postponing Spring, the US people already tried to postpone the total solar eclipse of 21.08.2017 and that didn’t work. And they are Great! So you know …

With love,
Me and my Doppelgängers


Doesn’t it make more sense to release everything in one go? Safes a server downtime, assuming the next cache is even finished, both season 2 and caches both need work from the artteam a lot and one cannot double the output of the artteam.


plus the new cache may have stuff related to the new zone, would be kind of weird to get it before we head to the new zone.


Yessss ! So I get to call you names !

That was my guess but thanks for confirming it :slight_smile:


They will MELT!!!
Has Frosty The Snowman taught you NOTHING!?!?!?!

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself :grin:
Seriously, though, thanks for the update and looking forward to the new Content.


3 weeks, Sire.


April 4 - March 20 (spring) = 15 days of Spring with a a winter cache. 2 weeks + 1 day.


I missed this part. ^

3 weeks from today.


For the next time a cache would stay in game this long, please take note of a crazy idea:

Agarthan Cache Reissue Event

It’s nothing, really, but I wager it would still feel more exciting than 2 more weeks of Winter caches.


I’m sorry, but Puxatawny Filth, the Unholy Groundhog has seen his seeping shadow, and so two more weeks of Winters we shall receive.


I am really grateful for this info. My whining is not ill-intentioned, just a cry for some feedback which you were quick to give.

Now we know you are working hard for everything that is to come :soon: , so don’t mind it too much and do your thingies. Smooches <3


For the record: in some areas it does not stop being cold because the calendar says Spring.
Just thinking I might save some of my “winter” cache boxes for the hot season. :stuck_out_tongue:


For the record in some areas the winter cache has been primarily dropping in the summer.


Introducing the Agent Cache.

And a chance at an agent/agent gear!