Halved resource farming?

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N/A official pvp server

We are now receiving about half the amount of resources from brimstone and animal hides since the patch came out. Is this intended?
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These materials are fairly important for making steel and bombs… two very important materials to the game just became much more of a grind to aquire.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log onto an official pvp server
2.go on a hide/brimstone run
3.observe amount of resources received while farming
4.compare and conclude it’s about half as much as before patch.

Agree. On official, server I’m in some idiot has built on the shattered springs so no brimstone spawn, making brimstone farming even harder lol

On a PVP server thats probably intentional to reduce the amount of bombs etc enemies can potentially make.

It was intended. They have been talking about updating the siege part of the game, my guess is nerfing bomb production is a step in that direction. Originally they were nerfing the hide/brimstone, but also had steel fire cost for bombs go down by 1/2. Many a people worried about mass bomb production with the new lowered need, so they changed it back to 100. In reality, cost of bombs would have been roughly the same as far as tar and brimstone with the reductions to harvested amounts. But in the end we get less bombs, but weaker doors. So i think it is now a better balance.

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Yeah its definitely rough. They have also nerfed the amount of demon blood and crystal you can farm. Making the game so much more of a grind

If you are getting steel fire for building, 786 is 250+ T3 foundations worth. For officials, that is a fine load to build with in just a 30 minute run. If playing solo offline, then tweak the settings for harvest rate so you get more.
If you are on official PVP, then the nerf was to balance with the nerfed doors for raiding. In essence, it is now more expensive time wise to destroy T3 foundations than to blow thru doors. I have a thread with the math breakdown. before nerf of brimstone, airlocks and foundations were 12% of a brimstone run for bombs (no T4 alchie). now it is 12% air lock, 23% foundation. Which means, if you try to foundation wipe someone, you need to spend 2x more time farming brimstone than before.

It does suck with the grind especially with the updates and now servers glitching and not allowing you to connect… Which leads to

You guessed it

All your items lost and no recompense from the server

Love the game but I’m not a child loosing 40-50 hours of grind time to lost items and despawn caused by not being able to connect to the server is just rediculous

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