Farming, harvesting, Thralls and Poison after patch

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I am playing in an official PVP server EU 3107 and after the latest patch the farming/harvesting of stone, iron, black ice etc. is awful. We are barely getting any resources for the time we are investing. I use black blood tools with oil before the patch it was 70 to 80+ of stone for example now we get like +30. With survival on the 3rd node you get like 20+ with a star metal tool with attachment. If you have no survival, forget about it because you get like +10. I don’t want to play the game anymore. Such a huge difference.

My friend mentioned the server setting for harvesting multiplier on official servers got changed after the update. It used to be x2 harvesting in officials it is now x1 multiplier. This wasn’t in the patch notes, nore has it been mentioned as as intentional change anywhere.

Is this going to be fixed? Like asap cause this a problem in pvp servers.

Funcom really needs to look into this, it has put me off the game. This coming from a pre-order original player on Conan for the Playstation.

Also the thralls are getting stuck on things everywhere, and are not fighting properly anymore, instead standing around. While teleporting the thralls don’t come they can get stuck.

A clan mate said one got stuck while he was fighting with someone and didn’t come till 2 hours later for example.

Also poison cannot be applied to many weapons, clan mate said it didn’t show on many of the animals when fighting against them etc.

The resource issue is a major turn off, since you have to be able to farm in order to play in a pvp server, you have to repair your base etc, cutting the resources down wasn’t a good idea. I spent 2 hours the other night getting Stone and came back with only 2 heat efficient furnaces full. Yes I know where to farm and am a experienced player.

If you notice people join private servers with larger harvesting x3 x4 etc.

For funcom to cut even lower what we had before on officials PVP was a wrong move and off putting.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Farm get less of everything
  2. Thralls follow get stuck
  3. Poison is broken
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Is correct, the farm is broken. For now I recommend that you stop using oil in your tools and use obsidian tools. Black Blood Tools are now obsolete (i think so). Also don’t use the third survival point, now there is not much difference between using it or not.

This is a feature of the update, not a bug.

PVP Official progression will be rebalanced to roughly half speed than prior to the update.

You can unstuck your thrall if you double tap to order your thrall to stop. After you see the message ‘ordered thrall to stop’, your thrall will teleport near your location. Works every time for me, though it won’t work if you’re close to your thrall, so make sure to take some distance.

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Thanks H3rb, that’s unfortunate :confused:

The official farming rate is a huge issue. Funcom have literally made official servers a complete waste of time. Some people actually enjoy farming and now with the update no body wants to put in the time. I have a clan of 8 (not all farmers) I give it about another week before we all quit. Thralls are completely broken. Most of the time they won’t teleport to you and you are lucky if they do a combo. Also npcs and bosses will skip your thrall and go right for the player every time. The new healing system is fine but every good heal is very expensive and with the farm rate broken we can’t heal! It’s really to bad the game has been dying for a while and now we wait all this time for an update and it’s worse then it’s ever been. I counted 3 servers with over 15 people. Boosted servers are a waste of time as well you end up building up and either get banned for no reason or the server wipes. Fix the game or just you will have no one playing it. Simple.


After release back in 2018, the Game was in a desolate condition. It takes near a year and a massive Player loss before Funcom reacted. It was far in a poorer condition than after 2.3. And after that it became worse with every “Hotfix & Update”. At the End of 2019 it was finally playable.
Anyway. Update 2.3 makes exactly the opposite of what it should do. It becomes unplayable for me. @Funcom: YET AGAIN!!! Too many bugs and problems disturbs a acceptable game flow. I kicked the Game from my hard drive, 2 days after 2.3 - and done.^^ Because I know that it will take a long time on the Consoles, before Funcom reacts. Probably only after massive loss of players. Unfortunately, this is typical of Funcom. If the Game would be brand new, you could say: “Mmmh, yes, ok , :wink: . It’s a new Game.” But after 3 years it’s a big fat “FAIL”. An unacceptable condition, It is a shame!!!..

I just read this and it made me think that harvesting on PVE servers has been doubled?

“What does this mean in practical effects? Progression for PVE and PVE-C servers (and those running on default values) will see XP and resource gathering roughly doubled to what the previous default values were”

I know XP for levelling thralls has been halved, but I certainly didn’t notice anything about resource gathering, I even had to redo my attributes just to get the third survival perk back, and I’m only now hitting for 22-24 with a Black Blood Pick (exact same as before the patch). As someone mentioned, do I need to switch to obsidian tools? Has black blood been nerfed, and is that why I’m only hitting for that much? I’ll test this out when I’m home, but figured I’d ask and see :slight_smile:

i enjoy farming… i play on siptah and farm almost every day… so i doubdt that the game will die soon…

go play in a private server with X15 harvest if u like or create ur own where u have no fear of being banned or wiped …

and bosses should go for the player (kill the head and snake dies) … adds some more challenge on luring the boss or countering it…

healing system is fine as it is and adds challenge i see no real expensive in concentrated aloe lets say (u need to find cost/effectiveness ratio to be ok with this)

this update is a trully nice one and i seem to enjoy it more than the normal game…

so stop crying because something put you out of ur comfort zone plz…

try to learn and adapt , try to rebalance ur economy… its not really hard…

I don’t think you will notice it unless you create a new character. This is what they say in the previous paragraph from your quote.

Why are the blackblood tools now obsolete?

:joy: come on now…don’t do this to them.

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Why would I go play on a boosted with no people? So I can farm and level thralls to just sit there, talk about boring. I’m talking about pvp official servers. The game is broken. I’ve been playing with the same clan for about 2 years now and this update will be the end of that. Funcom just put the harvest rate back. I see no reason why you would cut it in half. Oil is useless, black blood is useless. What’s the point of even getting fragments and going to the bar cave? Whoever said “I play on siptah and farm every day” good for you. No one is talking about that map and it’s not even out on console. We have gone to countless servers over the years, now if I want to go to another sever I have to literally spend hours killing apes and maybe hitting black ice for xp and good luck building in any meta location because it will take you weeks to farm the materials.:ok_hand::point_left::+1:

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I offer an apology, perhaps for some the black blood tools still work, but for me they no longer. Before the update, I used to farm everything with tools of black blood and oil, since it was very easy to obtain the power fragments, but now it is more difficult to kill the bosses, since the slaves had their damage reduced and now it takes longer get fragments of power (boring)

So, I quickly noticed that the black blood tools did not work properly WITH the oil, also note that there is not much difference between having the 3 survival points or not, actually, NOT having survival points will give you more resources, but it will take you a little longer break 1 node (stone, tree, bringstone, etc) I think that having 3 survival points is a waste (I do not know who came up with it) that does not provide much benefit, you can take advantage of those points in strength or vitality and be ready to farm and fight at the same time.

Personally I think that the peak of black blood with oil is broken, I get more resources with a peak of obsidian with oil, however, I think that the peak of black blood has more duration with oil, so it is a matter of taste, as he said. someone else in a previous comment, it is a matter of adapting to the new update.

Before update
Survival +2 = 1 hit by node = around 7500 of bringstone lake
After update
Survival +3 = 3 hits by node = around 10,000 of bringstone lake
Survival +0 = 5 hits by node = around 12,000 of brignstone lake

  • obsidian peak + kit
    19-20 (5 hits by node)

  • Black Blood peak + kit
    19-20 (5 hits by node)

  • obsidian peak + oil
    25-26 (5 hits by node)

  • Black Blood peak + oil
    17-18 (5 hits by node)

  • obsidian peak + kit + 3 survival points
    38-40 (2 hits by node)
    38-40-20 (3 hits by node)

  • Black Blood peak +kit + 3 survival points
    38-40 (2 hits by node)
    38-40-20 (3 hits by node)

  • obsidian peak + oil + 3 survival points
    50-52 (2 hits by node)
    50-52-26 (3 hits by node)
    Timer oil: 5:10 min.

  • Black Blood peak + oil + 3 survival points
    34-36 (2 hits by node)
    34-36-18 (3 hits by node)
    Timer oil: idnt remember

I hope it is understandable, English is not my native language

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Oh, I never used the oils or just on rare occasions.

But as survive peak 2 is now peak 3, gathering resources really sucks.

Also thralls got again dmg nerfed? :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, yeah… I liked it, when they sold “level 20 thralls will be signifcantly stronger than legacy thralls”… Hahahahaha :smiley:

As I dont have any nice words to say about the game and company, I just whish everyone a nice weekend :smiley:
I go back play Minecraft and hope the Sons of Forest is coming out soon.

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