Harvest Rates/Character Stuck

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Misc]
Region: [EU]

Hi Guys,

Just have 2 things to do with a couple of bugs in our server.

First of all, a couple of days ago our tribe and one other had noticed that our harvest amount multiplayer had changed from either 2.0/2.5 to 1.0. Since then it does not matter what we farm, with what tool, the outcome is always the same. We are on an official server. Has anyone else had this before?

Secondly, we are all having real issues with being stuck against thralls/horses. Is there not a way where they could allow players to simply pass through these characters to avoid this and sudden deaths etc?


We have the same on our PvP Offi Server. The farming multy is on 1.0 bevor it was 2.0.
Funny Time atm on xbox conan. Many bugs with the last Update und weeks nothing fixed.
But the dlc is running. Great realy great. Thx for nothing. :japanese_ogre:


Firstly, these are common issues that after many updates FC doesn’t seem to be able to fix, whether they don’t want to Or don’t have the competence to do so, I can’t say.

It’s extremely frustrating that there is so much wrong with the game and users are apparently ignored. For example the game crashes almost every 50 minutes and yet even though it was reported a long time ago is still an issue.

Then there is the rigid update cycle that requires downloading the whole game again every month. Last updates should have been patched within 2 weeks, but once again it may be an issue of incompetence at FC.

Clearly the devs don’t play the game otherwise they’d be embarrassed to release such poorly coded work.


It’s actually so frustrating, really do like the game but after reading a load of posts I can see that these things just won’t get fixed anytime soon. Is there even a way to submit this to Funcom or is it just forum use only?

I too have noticed this, I play official PVEC and I noticed my Star metal pick was only gathering10-20 iron per strike with the gatherer perk (survival lv2) instead of the 35-40 from last week, it looks like all the tools have been NURF’D as it also effects stone and wood harvesting.
Not very helpful when you’re trying to upgrade a massive base from T1 to T3.

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Hello, could you please specify the servers on which the rates seem to have changed?

The issue with getting stuck on followers is being looked into.

server 2947 pve oceanic is having issues with the rates of farming

I have cheked ALL Offi Server und all of it are on harvesting 1.0
U can see some settings on the right wenn u mark the Server in the list.

All have this Setup

Posted this earlier aswell under updates and bugs as I figured it wouldve been something wrong with the update maybe? Official pvp was x2, pve and pve-c was x1, now pve is x2 and pvp is x1… I have a video aswell… I dont think this would be a suggestion as I’m sure its unintentional

The earlier post I made was moved to suggestions.

Ja last Check up was that all on 1.0 now.
And all have 2.0 for the last year

Harvesting multipliers have always been set on 1.0 since the game came out. When Funcom extended the decay timers for people to take a vacation and not worry about their stuff decaying they also changed the harvesting multiplier to 2.0. This was really cool of Funcom to do especially with so many at home because of COVID. I’ve been playing for over 3 years and this is the second time they temporarily increased harvesting multiplier.

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I played this game for over a year in game time… yea 365 days… apart from early access maybe I never got 8 stone per hit… the covid thing only applied to to decay timers.

The underlying issue with the rates seems related to the settings not being correctly pulled from the master server, we’re currently looking into it, apologies for the inconvenience.


Thank you for your reaction! =)

Why does FC do the bonus gathering, so infrequently? Ark has diffrent bonuses, almost every weekend. And an in game event for each major holiday.

FC could use the bonus to xp/sourcing as a way of thanking its players for loyalty. Every CE player, regardless of platform, has experienced this game and its many bugs. Alot of players have even experienced losses due to the game bugs, some losses were complete, and wiped players out. FC states in their disclaimer that they are not responsible for their bugs stealing our loots.

So it would be nice if FC boosted its players once in a while. They take so much from us, maybe its time to give something back?

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We’ll be sure to forward this feedback internally, seeing at its a suggestion it might also be best to post it in the Suggestions board to gather further feedback from other in the community.

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Actually I just came across a post where hugo said it was a bug from the settings not being pulled correctly so I don’t know what you was on about

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Yes it says a few messages Above this post, but after that as a new reaction it was forwarded to suggestions, so I do not know which one is leading

All of them. You guys changed harvest rates on all servers, so when you ask what server, its for thrall issue right.