Skyfall Ridge harvesting

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug | Performance

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log out and in.
2.death by NPC
3.waited 3 hours

Unable to harvest

just north of this ridge. I’m drooling because there’s so much. My pick goes through every rock, tree or iron node. Also, does that mean there is a Yeti close by? :flushed:

Hey @Almanthea

We don’t understand your report. Are you unable to harvest because of an issue of the game or because NPCs get to you before you have any chance to gather materials?

It’s a game issue, I’m able to walk the area and unable to harvest any item. Pick swings right through items

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I have had the same issue with other areas where I can walk through resources such as stone and am unable to harvest.

I usually log out and back in to fix it, but I think that’s the bug @Almanthea is talking about @Ignasi.


I believe he means that trees and rocks are rendering in but are not interactable, cant chop or mine them. ive had this quite a few times while playing conan but usually fixes within a min or so. its just due to lag. either the server is lagging or its because of his internet connection.
The fix is usually to just log out and back in again.


Yes, thank you!

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Thanks @Almanthea and everybody for clarifying it :slight_smile:
We’re sending it to our devs so they can look into it.

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