Som e areas after log in won't let me harvest nodes

Game mode: Official PVP
Problem: Harvesting Bug
Region: US

After 1st log in the last couple of days, I noticed that sometimes trees and rocks can’t be harvested, and i could walk thru them. I could harvest animals for hide after i killed them. I also noticed the NPC AI would hesitate before it turned on. I killed an elephant and it never activated. May be a syncing issue. Once i mapped to another location, it corrected itself.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. 1st log in
  2. gear up and go to harvest stone or wood
  3. Area around base had no NPC AI, and rocks and trees were “ghosted” only, could not harvest.
  4. Port to another location, problem was fixed.

Hello @WhatMightHaveBeen, is this happening consistently on every first login?
Does the issue not persist if you logout and log back in to the same server?

Could you also specify the server number?

3586 server.
I just noticed the last few days after the patch. I haven’t been playing as much lately, but when i get home today i will test and get back the info on what i find out. May reach out to a couple of friends on server, see if they are having the same issue.

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