Unable to farm when logging in

Official PvE 3890

Saturday, Feb 22, Sunday, Feb 23 and Monday Feb 24

It’s not happened before, but when logging in the first time after server reset I run right through rocks and trees. I can log out of the game and right back in and it fixes the issue, but I figures I would let you know. The grid area is F5 F6.

Hello @speedice, did this occur by logging in right after the server restart, or was it simply the first login of the day?

To further clarify, did it occur on the first login of the three days mentioned, and did the clipping only happen with resource nodes?

It has occurred on the first log in of the day on those three days, and yesterday. The only days it did not occur were Monday and today. It is usually accompanied by floating on foundations or floors in various places in my base. Yesterday, it was so bad that I had a limited area that I actually wasn’t floating, and I immediately ran to a stone node and could not harvest it.

Yepp! This happens to us ALL THE TIME. However if I leave our “property” which is frigging big and go to our neighbors land I can farm iron and wood.

Funny enough this happened to me yesterday, was my first log in for the day but was not the first log in I had done in the 3 days, logging out and back in fixed it. Was around 6-8pm EST time so wasn’t near reset.

Thank you, we’ll register the issue for our team to look into.

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