Brimstone at Shattered springs nerfed?

What has happened to shattered springs, used to be able to go load up on brimstone, fight the odd rocknose and run back to base! Now even with starmetal pick, get less than half what used to get, just not enough stacks about, and not been rinsed just before i get there, this happened on 5+ times!

Any ideas?



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Thought the same yesterday… if I remember correctly I used to get a little over 4k and I only got 2-3k yesterday

Wait, it got nerfed again recently? Was this in any patch notes? I don’t recall reading it.

Mmm smells fishy to me…but hey I like fish so that’s that but depending on how u see it well it’s still good amount of sulfer u get there n a cave or two n wolla u r set boys…n 1.5 percent suculent women that might be around here somewhere.

Brimstone total number of hits was lessoned I want to say 4-6 months ago.


Pretty sure this is the second nerf for there, though the previous was a long time ago. (And I might be remembering pre-full-release, so take it with the grain of salt you get from the rocknoses :rofl:)

Are you saying it was nerfed again? Or you’ve only just noticed the original nerf? It was halved - so brimstone could only be hit twice instead of the usual 4-5 hits - effectively halving the yield. But this occured months ago. If they’ve nerfed it further, it’s not neccessarily a bad thing. There’s so much brimstone in the game leading to super easy dragonpowder that raid balance is a bit out of whack.

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I had the same problem last month when I went to stock up. I only left with about 2000 brimstone I was only using a pickaxe though and haven’t been bank since

Brimstone in general are not nerfed, as I got from Sinners refuge ~800 and still got it yesterday… I dont even farm Shattered springs anymore. (but then again, I dont need to mass produce bombs).

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Just farmed the caves as well, and all three still produce 2300+ . Brimstone still around 4800. This is on official PVP 2 x rate. PVE and PVE-C official i believe are 1 x, so half the numbers i presented would the expected amounts for the last 4-6 months.
@Euroned about how long were you gone from officials?

Only just found out about black ice being substituted for brimstone with hardened steel so reading that they nerfed Shattered Springs is not a surprise. I would edge my bets on the amount of folk whinging that areas are being walled off by idiot alphas being the cause, Funcom step in with a no thought fix, I play offline or on my rented server and it completely screws up the progression for weapons, black ice is not so easy to get, that, IMHO, is why black ice is used on the last tier of building so why make it a requirement for the lower stages of weapon crafting?

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