Golems don't harvest when player offline?

PREMISE: not sure this is true.

I assembled a golem yesterday and left it harvesting a whole day.
Logging in today, it harvested about 300 stones.

When I was logged in and CLOSE to it, it gathered same amount in 3 minutes.

In my humble opinion, if this thing had to be done, it should be done well.
I do not ask for a golem to gather 20-30k stone per day, but at least 1000-1.500 ?

I could gather that amount in 2 minutes, I don’t think it’s absurd to expect that in a day.
I still think that this feature is wrong on golems (I would have given it to Bearers) but since it is implemented, better have it implemented good.

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I could be wrong, but like other things the server doesn’t render anything unless a player is within distance.
If it had to keep track of every single golem around the map it would probably cause to much strain on a server, so my guess is that it is intentional :slight_smile:


Yeah I think your golem is slacking off when you’re not looking :smiley:

But as @Frillen said, it’s probably by design.

You’ll see this like say if you die in battle with your thrall. The thralls and enemy will just hang out until you or another player gets close enough and then they start engaging again


When I pass by my neighbors golems, they start harvesting, even when he is offline. As was stated, it is a rendering thing, also the golems are really a cute cosmetic, and not meant to do all of your work for you.


I was extremely disappointed to learn that after a day of not checking in on it, my golem collected about as much as I do in a couple swings of my pickaxe.

Surely this isn’t working as intended?

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I hope it doesn’t. Now they are almost useless, maybe you may use them as bearers with tremendous HP and shining heads. Of course server can’t render all the golems on the map but it can count number of gatherable nodes in each of their working area and add some material to their inventory “by ticks” just like in fish traps or other crafting stations until some player will come near them.

Yes, I thought the same.
It’s a rendering thing.

I don’t know for sure, but I think this is a common thing in online games.
Probably even Ark has the same problem (even tho it’s more hidden there).

This thing can be fixed by changing the “gathering” method.

Instead of having it actually harvesting nodes, it can be give a “radius box”:

  • every minute (or hour ?) it produces a certain amounts of resources whose nodes are within its radius.
  • this amount can be affected by:
  1. Amount of nodes in its radius.
  2. Quality of weapon (arm) of the golem.
  3. Amounts of Golems in the radius (more golems means less production per Golem)

This is an EASY implementation which should even less impactful of server performance and it’s balanced for every player (this way one cannot be advantaged by placing his Golem in busy areas).


no it’s not. it doesn’t matter if the golem has to hit a node directly or if it can harvest nodes within a certain radius. if there is no player nearby, then the golem simply doesn’t exist and of course it can’t harvest anything.
the only thing that would really help here is a so-called “catch up” mechanism. the game saves the server time when the golem last harvest something. if a player comes close to the golem again and it is reactivated, then the server compares the saved time with the current server time and makes up for the lost time by calculating what the golem could have farmed if it had been active all the time and puts the mats in the inventory. but that’s a bit more effort and not so easy to do


Yes that would work.

Why not so Easy? looksnpretty Easy to me.
If the devs (Who created this game) are not able to do something like that…

Alao I think this already exists for buildings with decay timers. They should just apply the same to golems and resource production.

This may sound odd, but each player should have a placeable resource node that the golem mines within the base. The golem would be placed as a crafter on the node.

Make it an expensive mining entrance, or lumbermill, or garden feature. The rate of harvest should be set per hour. After a certain set amount of resource recovery, the placeable is exhausted and a new one must be crafted and placed.

This would still yield a net positive passive resource collection, but function similar to fish traps or garden boxes.

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That was another idea, but devs never wanted to implement it.
I mean resource production buildings.

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From my experience, they harvest only in case that ANY player is in the visible sight of them. Doesn’t matter if you, or other fellow players, but otherwise they just stay there and do nothing.

Also when you give your golem task to mine stone, he is going to spend a lot of slow time by picking up the small stones from the ground as well, if there are any. xDD Maybe that’s why is the best option to order them to chop wood or mine iron instead.

On the other hand, I managed to create ten golems so far, they are on the usual way to my base, so they do their thing every single time I pass them by. After few hours, even the “poor” 3k of mined stone is nice, because meanwhile without them the nodes would just be there and serve you none purpose at all.

I am starting to like golems in general, even if they take a break every time I’m not in sight. :sweat_smile:


something is simple if it can be implemented and tested in 5 minutes with 2 clicks and has no impact on the somewhat older consoles. the scenario i described is miles away from that.

who says they can’t? the question is rather if they want to and if it makes sense in their concept. for me, the golem is also just a nice gimmick. if you need mats, grab your tools and go farm them yourself. take the golem with you to get some extra mats. i would have left out autonomous farming for golems that don’t follow a player. players should play the game themselves and not have it played for them.

decay is technically something completely different and not even remotely comparable or usable.

Haha nice
Sort of like an assembly line

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I wouldn’t think Golems should be doing anything unless they are actively following an online Player?

If Golems can just be parked to harvest offline can you imagine what resource rich areas of the map are going to look like after a couple of months? Nothing but Golems for miles.

They’re not worth taking with you over a thrall.
Even if you need extra space, the bearer is better.
Even if they fought as well as a thrall, they don’t heal themselves and can’t be repaired.
If the resource is important, letting the golem collect it is a waste due to how low their collection rate is. If it’s not important, they’re still too slow at collecting.

Golems are a jack of all trades in that they’re bad equally at everything.

Now dont get me wrong: i was and I amo totallu against this things. I mean golems.

I think that THRALLS should be the ones working (they have arms and legs dont they ? If a player can farmi they can too).

I also think ita dumb and totally against any Logic that a Player has to gather resources when he has tons of SLAVES.

So, if you ask me, they took a good concept (resource production), but implemented It wrong (production halted when no player Is nearby) and with the wrong actors (golems harvesting resources while THRALLS cannot).

BUT, since they want It implemented with golems, they could at least inplement It good.

On the other hand, I would be ok with devs removing autonomous harvesting completely.

It Just disturbs me having It implemented in the wrongest way possibile.

There seems to be a slight exception to that rule. If you happen to place a golem near your base and there is a spawn point of some monster, it counts as a attack to your base or golem. So, the golem get’s aggro to monster and after beating it, will start harvesting. At least for a while. But this way you have an endless cycle that keeps the golem’s working, but they will eventually break because of the fighting.

I don’t know if this is cheating, and if this works without the golem being near the base but near a monster. (Haven’t tried yet). If that is possible, you can exploit this in PvP. So it might be a good thing to look at.

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or let them work like wheel of pain. Golem stay in one place and “dig” harvesting stones etc.

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