Am I the only one worrying about Golems possible autonomous harvesting?

There’s a lot of intersting things coming in chapter 3 of Sorcery, and while I do find the Golems an interesting idea, I somehow fear them being able to harvest resources, especially if they can do it without being on follow.
I fear that people may place lots of them around typical rich resource areas so that others may have a hard time getting those resources :worried:

Maybe I just worry too much, but what do you think? :slight_smile:


That was my first thought too.

Mind you I have not watched the stream as I am on break at work so I’m just reading what I’ve seen so far.

But my other thoughts and please correct me if I am wrong with the info available

Does this make an integral part of the game for farming moot, especially on multiplayer?

And/or, will this generate a higher yield of farm and what does that mean for official servers re: land claim abuse?


Resource griefing/camping was one of the first thing I thought of when they were talking about that feature. It has the potential to be a nightmare on populated servers.

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Didn’t think of the land claim part; that’s a good point. When a thrall is autonomously gathering resources, does the game read that area as “claimed” ? Would be nice to get some official clarifications.


Per the stream, they have to be in follow mode.


They die you know! So pvp has nothing to worry about.
In pve people can kite enemies.
So problem solved!
Tbh 2 things depress me :pensive:

  1. no more moon
  2. what have we done and we get no notification in here about the streams? It’s the third stream on the row we didn’t had a notification in the forum…
    @Marylambs thanks a million for letting me know and guiding me, i own you big time!

Edit. @darthphysicist will you find the time covering it? :pray:t6:
Sorry for asking this open, but stream caps help a lot to understand :pleading_face:


Yes but they also said that they are working on making them autonomous while not on follow, and that is what worried me :slight_smile:

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I don’t see how that is going to be possible, TBH. The AI load alone would drag the server to a grinding halt even after 10 people have 4 golems each harvesting different mats.


I will be starting the recap tonight.


I cannot thank you enough :blush:

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As I said in some other conversations I’ve had about this, server admins will be able to enforce how people use this with their rulesets. Funcom may need to figure out an internal policy for their servers, but that’s for them to figure out.

For most this will have little impact server wise.

As for the feature itself, a follower that gathers while following is an excellent compromise to automated gathering. It addresses most issues I have with the idea.


Can someone post a link to the video? There must be a VoD right? I can’t believe no one in the @Community said anything about this stream, I feel robbed. :disappointed_relieved:


I think it will be possible, Dennis says it right here that they already are working on it :wink:

Sorry stream link doesn’t seem to work, he answer a question about it 46:45 into the stream


Guys stop worrying about things like this, much strange stuff is going on, like all Mek-Kamoses stuff + new area (dungeon for his quest) are for 3 month only? So new players later just gonna miss huge junk of this content?..
About golems:
PVP they just gonna be killed by players + thralls
PVE - they gonna be killed by mobs so not a big deal

Let’s hope they don’t implement that. Or that, if they do implement it, the golems are killable by anyone, regardless of the game mode.

No, we won’t. Go create a thread to discuss that. This thread is about golems.


What rare resources are golems going to monopolize?

They can’t harvest star metal unless you open it for them.

Trees, rock, iron, coal, brimstone, and obsidian are too plenteous to dominate, they would rapidly fill the golem’s inventory. We don’t know what their highest possible inventory is, but even if they can get up to thirty slots, that wouldn’t take long to fill.

Silver nodes or black ice are sort of rarish, but you wouldn’t be able to place a golem inside the silver mine or the Temple of Frost.

Gold nodes on Siptah are too spread out.

I don’t really see this as a real threat, and certainly not one that couldn’t be countered by things like a limit on the number of autonomous harvesters that a clan can have active simultaneously, or small radius limits the harvesters have to stay inside if not following.

It is good to be cautious about major game changes, but I don’t think this one is going to be an insurmountable problem.


That’s a very good analysis, and I thank you for writing it. It actually helped put some of my worries to rest.

I admit I didn’t think this through. Instead, I had a knee-jerk pessimistic reaction and imagined Godsclaw dotted with golems like guinea pig turds :laughing:

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I really hope you are right, but knowing Funcom I expect chaos to happen every time they introduce new game mechanics which happens a bit too often :joy:
Still, imagine without any sort of limitation other than the follower limit, each player could easily place 20-30 of these in the most popular resource areas, yes most resources aren’t confined to a single area, but it can quickly become a pain to get enough of some type of resources if there are hundred or even thousands of Golem’s placed around the map on a server, I know how players react to passive gathering and remember the time where almost every water hole was filled with massive fishing farms to feed the followers and to produce oil, especially in the north where it could be darn near close to impossible to find a place to have a few fish traps - There will always be a lot of players that cannot control themselves and leave some room for others too :rofl:

Ok there a good chance that they are reading this if not then ignore us.

Here what they should do , let us claim an area but create a new type of building call it. Miner Cave. you can only place this down onto a claim land over a resource node.

What this will do is destroy the node but also turn it into that kind of miner cave. You can stick your golem into it and then let it infinite over time to collect resources.

But here the kicker… the golem HP will be its timer and then you must create a new golem.

You can do the same for trees , vine type banana tree… Over grubs type … hell even over fish trap …

Thus you wont have AI crap issue … I already did a version of it… Its not what i like but its a nice compromise. Check out the Mod Thrall wars , there a mining place-able that i did , they can do that for their golem and it will achieve the same result but lower cost to the server.

See, this is the recipe for disaster that I was imagining above.

Sure, nodes for things like brimstone and iron are plentiful, but they’re still finite. If everyone who comes to the server has an incentive to destroy them to replace them with their own resource gathering facilities, then sooner or later these resources go from “plentiful” to “scarce”, because most nodes will be owned by serial refreshers.

No, thanks. I like golems with their limitations much, much better.