Golems and Admin changes

The golem system that is on the test servers is what I want to discuss. I am not sure how open to feed back FunCom actually is but I want to give mine anyways.

I like, no love, the idea of golem making. Especially the idea of having them harvest or gather resources though that seems to be a bit buggy with some of the golems. The low end starter golem ( though I am not sure you can call any of the golems starter or low end considering the sheer number of materials that are needed to make them, more ont hat later. ) seems to harvest fine for the most part put the higher end ones with more inventory just stand around next to the trees and dont do anything. So I wonder if that is a bug that needs to be fixed.

So far on my test server I have not found any natural ways to harvest the blood stone. I can only get any if I spawn in the monsters on my own. This needs to be addressed and their needs to be places that they spawn consistently so people who want to use golems can go can harvest this resources not just hope to get lucky while wondering around. I dont want RNG to determine if or when I can get this resources. I want to be able to just go to some places and get it.

The cost of the golems is really high considering they can not be repaired. If you want to leave them as disposible minions fine, but the cost on the materials needs to be lowered IMO. I actually dont think you should do that however. Its my opinion that you should be able to use one of the new golem work benches to repair your golems.

So they still kinda funtion like what you want, they dont heal while out and about in the world but they can be brought back to your base to be repaired from time to time at a lower cost then it takes if they die while you are out and about.

If you need to lower their health a bit to make up for that then fine though im not sure even that would be necessary. Normal thralls can be buffed with food, potions, and gear as well as being able to be healed while out in the world. So i think that makes up for these thralls having higher hit points and only being able to be repaired at your base.

Alternatively You could go the other rout and make a corrupted stat for expertise that focuses on golems when you dump souls into it. I feel like that would be an amazing way to go if you are not going to let perks in authority like healthy diet work on the golems. Because if a person wants to focus on and build their character to be all about golems it would be cool if that would actually work.

and would be a nice trade off because you have to be corrupted to use them efficiently and be dumping points into expertise. maybe the first perk lets the golems harvest more with each hit nothing that exceeds what a player could do with each swing but gets them to the level of the player for the level of the golem or maybe just slightly higher, one of the corrupted perks could make them gather faster, another could make them burn the insense slower or have a wider area of effect, and the last perk could give them a passive health regen while they are following you and only while out of combat. so you need to be fully corrupted to make use of it. That way if you are full corrupted authority and full corrupted expertise you can really have a cool golem build that would be fun to play.

it would also be cool if you added a unique named thrall or two to find that made the creation of the golem parts cheaper or at least do more damage or have more armor that could be plugged into one of the work benches.

I know you have a small team but I think to make this stuff truly successful adding some of those features before you go live would make a big difference.

Also I am sure this has been mentioned a few times but adding the convergence trap to the exiled lands in some fashion would be fantastic. Maybe as something that could be farmed from the new dungeon.

And last is a admin change. I think it would be cool if the admins had a way to spawn the entire event npcs or things in the game so they could add to the roleplay function a bit more on their server. especially the past event assets and monsters. Not sure how viable that is but I imagine it as spawing a purge kinda. So like I as the admin of my server could spawn one of the sorcerer camp things outside a base or all three outside a larger base as a mini boss event for the players on my server. or whatever.

Just a idle thought I had.


Well, according to what I have seen so far golems

  • are overpriced in terms of knowledge points (KP). Playing EL, where you have limited access to fragments of power, you are constantly short on KP up until level 60 and you have a lot of things you must invest into (crafting stations, tools, building pieces, armor etc. ). Spending 7 more points on top to start crafting basic golems is absurd. Oh, and don’t forget you also have to unlock Two-Handed Axes / Sword / Hammers (4 KP each) if you decide to want a lumberjack or miner golem. Needles to say, depending on your playstyle, those feats can be otherwise absolutely useless for you. Basic “Stone golems” feat should be free, learned alongside the “Golemshaping” feat. Golem parts should not be reliant on player unlocking Two-handed weapon feats.

  • have bloated production chain for something this barebone. “New feature”, we can kinda-sorta need new crafting bench, I get it. What I don’t get is WHY do we need a separate golem part shaping workbench? Just so we have to find 2 more foundation space inside our already inflated bases? As if finding 4 more foundation spaces to fit “Golem revival bench” is not enough? Get rid of separate part crafting bench and incorporate golem part crafting into Tinkerers bench
    Oh, and a special icing on a cake - Golem revival bench comes with 4(!) torches. Is this some FUNCOM inside joke? It has been pointed out multiple times that placing too much open flame light sources can negatively impact game performance - yet they keep adding torch lit benches while joking about #reducinglightpollution

  • are overpriced in terms of resource cost. More precisely - “blood crystal” costs are way off when we are talking about basic golems. 30 blood crystals per basic golem doesn’t seem much - if we not taking into account how much blood crystals we can get per “node”. Based on what I have seen so far those blood rocknoses are scarce. You can get around 40 blood crystals from new earth elemental (considered an advanced, end game source of blood crystals, available only in high level zones) with Black blood pick Getting like 7 blood crystals per rocknose with steel tools while having to search for them will be atrocious. Right now golem economy looks a lot like obsidian arrow economy - you have to spend a large chunk of your time farming and crafting, but the end result is not really worth it. Basic stone golem part costs should be reduced

  • aren’t really interconnected with any other existing game system. They cant be healed or repaired, their stats/abilities can’t be influenced by any means other then bland pre-defined parts. Imagine how cool would it be if we could sacrifice a crafter thrall, trap his “essence” in a crystal at the sacrificial table and then sorcerer, placed at golem assembly, would give us an opportunity to use this essence to imbue our final golem. If you sacrificed an armorer - golem would have increased health, priests would boost incense burning buffs, smelters / carpenters / tanners would boost gathering rates, sorcerers will reduce golem material build costs etc.

  • have an very primitive and slow decision making logic. From what I have seen - placing resources in golem “decision making slots” decides what kind of nodes they will farm, not the resource they will farm. And because golems utilize AoE farming AND have limited inventory slots - this inevitably leads to a problem. If you command golem to farm “wood” - they will farm “trees”, and because trees yield branches as well as wood - those branches will simply clog limited inventory slots. And now imagine what will happen if you want to farm some aloe from aloe bushes, yielding aloe, fiber, seeds and two types of bees…
    As for farming speeds - they are abysmally slow, compared to players. They don’t have to be as fast as player I get it, but right now they are too slow to use them as an efficient farming compliment to your own farming. By the time player farms 3-4 stone nodes golem will farm 1 tree - and then player will move further, forcing golem to follow him, restarting its “node aquisiton and farming cycle”
    While golem farming speed is somewhat complicated issue, their farming logic should be transparent and consistent. If I tell them to farm stone - they should only pick up and store stone in their inventory - everything else they might get from a stone node (iron, crystal, salt, you name it) should be ignored.

  • have limited farming potential. This one is directly affected by the above mentioned “AI” point. I can’t see a feasible or interesting scenario for them to be used. Farming in toxic fumes? There is no resource to farm in such conditions and even if there was - toxic fumes are way more easily countered simply by healing / gas mask. Underwater farming? Same thing. They just farm in the same way player can farm - but do it way worse, while still requiring players involment
    I think there could be some real value if they had some unique abilities - for example, if they could farm small nodes, like single branches / mushrooms / little chunks of silver or brimstone in single AoE spell cast similar to Resource gathering spell. Or may be they could use various torso “furnaces”, not just burn incense, but, for example allowing them to farm rotten flesh directly from living creature corpses or farm any other resource in a different way said resource is produced right now. Or they could be “attuned” to a certain resource crafting, like obsidian - and provide players ability to craft obsidian bars without the need to go to Obsidian forge, albeit at a higher price (like 1 obsidian bar from 200 obsidian and 20 steel).

  • have limited combat potential. This point is specifically about lumbejacks as they use two-handed axe - the worst two handed weapon move set currently in game. Combine this with wonky AI - and you get a “follower” using non efficient attack pattern trading their non replenishable health pool to rather mediocre damage output. Either turn lumberjack golem into dedicated farmer, not requiring two-handed axe to build, or at least give him “spinning” attack animation.

To sum things up - “golem crafting” as game system in its current form looks like very weak, early stage concept with very vague gameplay value. Yes they look cool and can run around smacking some trees - but that’s it. They look a lot like pet / mount system crossbreed, dumbed down in terms of variety and what they can efficiently provide. If you made it this far - take a cookie :cookie:


Is it overbright like sacrificial altar? or more like transp stone that the torches produce very low light? I was trying to install testlive since yesterday to test by myself but, it is stuck on 90%.

My sacrificial room have two benches and it is so so so bright that is annoying. It´s a trip like Midsommar maybe lol, the evil dont waits for the night.

Those torches look exactly the same as one put on sacrificial altar. It is hard to tell if this results in 4 times increase in light emitted, but my point was more about light flickering and lighting as a “feature”. Even the dimmest light source can create a lot of reflections, because for some obscure reason every building piece in CE is covered in some sort of grease.

This game already has a lot of different dedicated light sources and FUNCOM keeps adding even more colored torches, but instead of letting players decide how do they want to handle darkness, FUNCOM continues to implement mandatory torches so players could put more torches in their torches while lighting them up by another torches.

Maybe their 3D artists and modelers are paid based on how much polygons they put in their 3D models and adding a built-in light source pays extra :man_shrugging:t3:


i agree lol

I love this idea so much. :heartpulse:
So far people are kind of underwhelmed by the golems. :sweat_smile: I know I probably won’t use them if they stay how they are atm.
A golem doesn’t have to and shouldn’t outperform players in anything, but they should at least be useful and worth their cost.

@tin_egg sums up well, why golems aren’t an asset but just a gimmick. *nibbles at cookie *

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True, but really what’s really worthing the cost in this game?
Don’t get me wrong but there’s only one and only one will ever be no matter the updates.
It’s the only clear message this game gives from the very beginning!
Knowledge! Nothing else worth the cost!

@Rouge1313 and @tin_egg thank you for your effort, i really appreciate it guys and gals thanks a million!

From what i read i do understand some points, but…
Don’t ever forget how super exited some players can be and if golems were cheap to construct and healed, the whole map would be full from stone guardian farmers :man_facepalming:, no thank you. Keep them expensive and vulnerable, i don’t want the old fashion looks of the official servers.

Exile lands may have a small grinding for fragments (only unnamed city has 17 locations of free fragments) but it has MIDNIGHT ALCHEMY for free :grin:. You don’t need to use the stupid and harmful yellow lotus potions! Not to mention that if a new player watch a couple guides can go easily lvl 60 in maximum a week! It would be nice however to learn… Did they “fix” the Acheronian pick?
How come such an expensive tool to be crafted is lower than simple hardened steel?
Can you check it guys please?


The torches are a huge issue if they’re as bright as the sacrificial stone and, like the sacrificial stone, cannot be turned off.

I won’t build the sacrificial stone at all because I can’t turn the torch off.

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Just a incense burning functionality question. Does sthe burner affect only the player, or the guarding thralls in an AOE?

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