Dark Agartha: Day 2

I don’t understand how to get the quest again? It’s the next day, and I was going to do it again, but I don’t see it on the bulletin board? :thinking:

That’s a one-time introduction, now you just go to the portal and spend the SP to do it.

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Ah okay! So just do the ‘leap of faith’ down to that portal and it will charge you when you pick a difficulty level?

It charges you when you actually start the timer, going in the portal and talking to the npc is free.


My deepest gripe about Dark Argatha is that you cannot repeat it as you wish and can only run it once a day ! A special Key costing AP/SP to repeat runs shall be able to fix that grandly and hopefully make a dent into these . Raising stored AP/SP caps as it was possible in TSW would also be something to look into . Augments in TSW massively increased your AP/SP storage and consumption as well , As part of the complaints on the cost of AP/SP of a run there is plenty to do in Kaidan that will bring massive amount of experience.


I certainly second this. A major let down for me on day one was that it was over after 10-15 minutes. I should be thanking Funcom for that as I have two big exams this week however I hope there are some plans to make it somehow repeatable (multiple times per day) even at an increased AP/SP cost.

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Exactly. I had hopes there will be 1 free run daily and unlimited number of runs for AP/SP. One run per day sucks.


Think the problem with extra keys would be the people who are sat on stockpiles of hundreds of AP/SP. Those people would basically be given a massive advantage in terms of fragments and imbuers.

The limit of one run per day is undoubtedly yet another attempt to make people log in daily - in the hope that once people are in the game they will be tempted to spend some money on it.
Just like daily login rewards, the agent missions, the daily challenges.

DA makes me want to work on an alt again, so I can feed my main more fragments :slight_smile:

hi, by using the Cabal bank system?

nah, they are in different cabals, due to storage space issues :rofl: I just trade the fragments to another character on another account (blame the Zenith core outfit) and back.

You are too impatient!

Like alcohol, Dark Agartha is consumed with moderation.

(Ok, I too would like to do it again, because I think it’s great! )

But it aint fun if you aint sh1tfaced.

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