Double SP/AP but nothing spend to SP on

I’ve run out of things to buy with SP so SP gains are wasted. Can we get something to buy with these points? Maybe a grab bag of skins/items or something?

Was requested by some even the last time they ran an AP SP bonus weekend. Even shards (though I don’t need those either) would be better then nothing.

Would like to see something like a shop in Mallgartha that you need the Mastery 9 in all weapons achievement to unlock that would let you spend AP. An All passives purchased achievement to correspond to spending SP would be nice as well. Achievements to buy items to prevent newbies from [Really? That word is censored too? PERFORMING THE ACTION THAT A SCREWDRIVER IS USED FOR] themselves over and buying stuff there instead of spending it on glorious unlocks. Even if it was just buying shards or something.


I always liked the idea of making the big buffpotions we get from daily rewards buyable for SP/AP. I believe they are buyable for MoF but I dislike spending mof as mof has so many uses as the tradecurrency while SP/AP are becoming worthless once maxed.

I’m sure this is something they think about but it’s in a strange spot. I can guess they absolutely do not want it to become a MoF substitute. The generation of MoF is designed to be hard capped daily per character whereas you can grind AP/SP as much as you want. So whatever they implement for an AP/SP sink will probably exclude anything that MoF is directly used for.

I’d like to utilize AP/SP it in the Agent System somehow, such as using it to temporarily boost xp gain or affinity. If our Agents can offer us support, maybe we could offer them some support.

We had the museum as AP/SP dump. But that changed, so that the NewPAX are drained there.
And yes, they COULD give us something… like… new weapons? Ultimate Ability Upgrades and such…?

I still have weapons to learn myself, but I can see the AP cap looming already, even at my pace. Hopefully they have something planned, maybe something involving some new way the old auxiliary weapons get reworked here.

Until that gets worked out, what I’d like to see as a stopgap AP sink is Anima Alchemy. Let us spend an AP to convert green fodder weapons and talismans into distillates. It says right on the label that that’s where distillates come from. Then let us spend a little more AP to combine and purify distillates, resulting in a bit less total XP than if we’d matched up all the fodder individually, but no shard cost, just the AP cost instead.

That would also give us something to do with the junk our agents keep bringing back because they apparently either can’t read the labels or can’t follow simple orders like, “Just don’t bother bringing me distillates under 250 XP.”

The word you’re looking for is “ѕcrewed”.

When I typed that, the preview showed it blocked out.


Actually you will hit the SP cap long before you hit the AP one.

Okay, so let’s spend both AP and SP on Anima Alchemy while we’re waiting for something else to come along.

This was a thing in TSW that was never fixed, it would be wonderful if SWL they would give some use for people that are capped. How about an exchange once you’re capped? AP/SP for SP, MoF or shards, distillates? Or a ‘potion’ we could buy to pass to alts filled with our extra AP/SP?

Even at a horrid exchange rate would be better than months and months of waste and the constant reminder that you’re capped notice if you don’t use an addon to stop that.

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It was certainly better in TSW because more aspects of the game utilized AP/SP. Namely augments and the museum. I mean I personally still ended up being capped regardless but it took much longer.

I believe its not applied to museum anymore since they would like to add more weapons at some point