Can't spend SP. Still getting the "spend your SP" message?

I have no more abilities to spend SP on. Why am I getting spammed to spend SP constantly? Is there a way to turn this off?

There’s mod to hide on screen messages. Though would be nice if devs themselves would do something about this since it’s kinda their responsibility…

I don’t want to hide messages. I want to spend AP/SP :slight_smile:

I include this in “devs themselves would do something about this”. I highly doubt they aren’t aware we’d rather spend those points and it’s not like we can do anything else about this.

This was how it worked in TSW, and I don’t see them changing it. With the difference that there was even worse as you’d get it for SP, AP, Bullion AND MoP.

Being this in-your-face about the utter lack of endgame ‘xp’ sink plans is something they really should move away from, though.

I’m not saying other games necessarily do endgame xp sinks well, mind. But even bad xp sinks help lessen the feeling of a game being solely about the incessant gear grind.

Funcom doesn’t even have a bad SP sink, so they really should stop essentially stressing that fact every damn mission turn in and then some.
(Note even the very basic AP ‘sink’ of mastery lasts, quick guesstimate, somewhere between 1,600 to 2,000 points longer than SWL’s potential SP usage.)

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It is annoying, but I don’t even pay attention to it after years of SP/AP use it messages.

It’s been suggested over the years to allow players to trade SP/AP back and forth or for other currency. Even at an outrageous exchange rate got shards and/or MoF would be better than 6, 9, 12 months or more of lost SP/AP.

I would love for them to change the SP/AP when maxed skills to shards.
Starting the museum you need a ton of shards, and getting shards instead of useless SP/AP would be nice.
Should not be that hard to have a counter on skills so when reached max you would get somehing useful from it. Shards or new dawn point or something else is a lot better than getting spammed for not using the SP/AP.

I remember hearing rumormongery of additional AP/SP sinks coming. Which for the folks that have been capps for so long building up more AP/SP either from achievements they skipped or daily/event logins will likely quickly hit the cap on any additional power creep ap/sink.

If possible, sell canima (distillates for those that aren’t hip) in the Agartha mall for AP/SP as a sink?

it’s around 300 by now. Three days worth. It won’t make that much difference really.

I gave the Shutup mod a try, but it’s not working. I hope the devs can fix this.