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I’m a newbie playing TSWL, and I’m having terrible trouble in allocating SP and AP points to my character. My SP is shown as 55/50 and I’m told I can’t accrue any more, but I can’t find any way of spending them.
My AP is shown as 13/50 and the same thing applies.

So can someone tell me how to spend points. I know this is very basic but I’m stuck. I guess if I can’t solve this I’m quitting playing.

Or maybe someone can point me in the direction of a really good help manual.
Many thanks in advance,

Hit N and find your primary weapon among the tabs on the left of the window. Active abilities are bought with AP (ability points), passive skills are bought with SP (skill points).

ETA: Beginner’s Guide.

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Does that mean for instance that I can use skill points at any stage of the game? At present I’m holding 55 skill points and try as I do I can’t find a way to spend them.
|I’m waiting for my ability points, at present at 18 to get to 20 before I spend them. Does that also become the point in time when I can spend skill points as well.

Just for clarity’s sake, did you unlock every ability and every capstone for your character?

I’m sorry, but I don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about!

You’re not giving us much to work with. Are you a free player who only has 2 weapons unlocked? If you’re completely done with 2 weapons, the only way to spend more SP is to unlock other weapons and spend it there. Which isn’t a waste: all the stat boosts between slotted passives are global.

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When you press ‘N’ in-game, you open up your ability window. Here you can spend both your SP and AP on abilities and passives. Just be sure to start at the beginning of a row. (The left.). Since you start out with cheap abilities (About five AP/SP each) to more expensive abilities. (20 AP/25 SP) and with the active abilities, you will eventually reach a capstone (Requires 40 AP) that you can fill for bonus stats and a neat outfit. (There’s more and get more expensive as you go, but I’ve yet to reach that.)

I’m sorry if I sound unclear. Not much to work with. This is probably explained better in the link @Aeryl gave.

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When you press N what you will see are 4 tabs at the top (well when you are lvl 50 you do, some may be missing until you reach level) they will be
Active abilites
Passive Skills
Anima Allocation
Build Manager
For now we will only look at Active abilities and Passive Skills - since that is where you spend AP/SP points.

In these two tabs there are pages down the left hand side, relating to each weapon type.

You may have started the game with only two of these open (unless you had them unlocked for free with the first TSW transfer) - you can open more pages - by buying the pages with Marks of Favour. This will increase in cost with the more weapon pages you open. If you need Hit rating, then you will not find it in the Assault Rifle, Fist or Blood weapon pages.

In these pages are where you will spend AP/SP points. Once you fill them up in the weapons you are using - you will then need to start spending them on weapons you are not using.
As much as that doesn’t make sense - it is what you will have to do.

The passive pages do offer more Hit rating, Critical rating, Cirt power rating, Hit points, Attack Rating and Heal rating. So all is not lost and is actually vital if you want to advance.
The “Active Abilities” for each weapon type, once open, will give you the options later to use them if you choose to switch weapon choices at any point, so may become useful.

Once all passives are done in all pages, that will be it.
But the weapon pages further more with capstones.

capstones are located at the end of each weapons “Active Abilities” page.
Despite them being what looks linked to weapons, they are actually passive bonuses to your Hit points, attack rating and heal rating.
Capstones are not affected by weapons and act like all other passives that add these bonuses to your character.
you must unlock all weapons if you want all the capstones to max and gain max level on all your stats.

hope this helps.

Hi welcome, I am still a newbie too and can understand at the start it all seems like information overload.

I assume that if you are quoting sp 55/50 and ap 13/50 you have already found the abilities page. Although you can save up your points before spending them it is not good to hit 50/50 and not spend them. As your xp bar fills up it will give you more ap/sp and if you are full it will not give you the points, it will give you the message you need to spend some points ie, the points will be lost forever.

The sp points buy passive skills I started by looking at the ability skills I was using and looked for the passive skill that matched that ability skill i was using to kill mobs with. Then starting from the left of the page unlocking skills along that row until I got the ones I needed.

Another quick cheap boost to your basic stats could be to unlock all the little passives that are at the start of every row on the left.

There is no hard and fast rules on what you choose, you will always get sp and ap points even after character level 50 so eventually you could have all filled up so just choose what is going to give you the most help for the weapons and skills you have chosen for your character.

What weapons are you using?

I am the original poster in this thread. At long last, thanks to the replies I’ve received I have now sorted out my problems with AP and SP points and allocation.

Thank you everyone for replying to me.
Best wishes,

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