Excess SP - useful for something?

So I’ve managed to earn enough SP via gameplay to unlock all the Passive Skills for every weapon (both the ones you can equip and the truly passive ones). I’m up to 50 SP again and the game keeps prompting me to spend them so I can earn yet more.

Is there anything else to spend SP on?

Nothing at the moment.

Oh, well. Pity I can’t somehow reallocate the wasted would-be SP towards AP or something else.

Thanks for the reply, tho.

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Until another SP sink is added to the game you can turn off the notifications for SP in Settings so it stops nagging you.

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I just heard of a mod that hides at least the notifications: https://www.curseforge.com/swlegends/tswl-mods/shutup

Use at own risk…didn’t bother so far to try it out since I am not capped (even if I’m not that far of)

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I’ve just turned “Options -> Interface Options -> HUD Functionality Tab -> Show SP notifications” off. I’ll see how that goes.

Thanks for the suggestion, FBV!!

Here’s hoping for a useful SP sink in the future. [fingers crossed]

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Fun part will be you will continue to rack up SP past the 50 SP limit due to daily login bonuses. Which I would pass off to my alts but I want to keep my keys on my main.

You’ll also have fun at the next event that gives big AP/SP. 25 bonus AP/SP when you’re capped makes it go up a lot. I’m at something like 247 SP 230 AP at the moment.

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That stops the big “SP” animation that plays but you’ll still see a FIFO message every time you would have gained a skill point. If that bothers you, get the mod @Leogrim linked above.

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I wish there was an exchange. Even 10-1 or 50-1 or higher for capped SP or AP versus just lost for months and months - exchange SP for AP vice versa, or coins or ?

Just not, here’s more SP/AP you’ve lost forever.

I created another character,and the excess SP was useful. Of course, now both my characters have excess SP, so I guess I have to create another character. (No, not really lol).

I haven’t had this problem yet myself, but I can see it’s not far off. I just posted this “Anima Alchemist” idea to suggestions, to explain where all the agents are getting so much distillate from and give us a way to make their little 150cc vials useful. One missing piece of the puzzle was a proper cost for the purification process. Maybe we could spend excess SP to turn regular Distillates into Purified Distillates. Effectively, we’d be paying the Empowerment cost with SP (based on the size of the Distillate) instead of Shards (based on the level of the target item).

Would that be a good use for excess SP, or are people with nothing to spend SP on also running out of things to Empower?