SP disappeared from character

Hello everyone. I hope someone will be able to give me advice how to fix this problem. Problem itself: I didn’t play for some time and when I logged in a couple of days ago I noticed that my hp decreased, so I checked anima allocation and build. Thing is - most of my SP in AR tree went missing. I just want to clarify: my SP did not go over cap of 50, I already spent them for weapon passives and general bonuses such as hit rating. Account locked with Steam, character name Oleg Ciphrang Polonsky. Hope someone might know solution and thanks in advance!

GMs don’t really frequent the forums, so you’re unlikely to get any help this way.

If you haven’t already, send a petition in-game using the /petition command and be sure to actually submit it. The first time you hit submit you’re shown a list of possible answers to your question. You have to click on it a second time.

You may want to clarify what you actually lost. Accumulated skill points? Already unlocked weapon passives? Maximum health can also go up or down by equipping different agents. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for a GM to help you without having to go back and forth, especially as response times can easily take weeks these days.

Good luck.


Thank you! In fact you were correct with this one
//Maximum health can also go up or down by equipping different agents//
Just in case someone else will struggle with same problem I’d like to clarify: its not about SP after all calculations, but rather about automatic unequipment of agents once patron status expires. No bug or glitch - just my carelessness.

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