Please help, Im level 60 with 59 attribute points (official server)

Im level 60 with 59 attribute points. playing on official server, oceania, 1961

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Generally that happens when people are using admin on private sever or offline game. @monochromita you should file a Zendesk report giving all the information you can. Please if you get this corrected post how you fixed it so others have the information. Thank you good luck Exile.

please help, i cant recreate my character because ill lose all my builds.

Greetings @monochromita ,

Thank you for sharing this!

Can you let us know your character and clan name? If you prefer, please send us a private message with the requested information.

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Did you Private message him he needs the information to help

yup, meh, bored of waiting. time for a new game

You don’t need 59 to play the game use beastal memory potion reset points disturbe were you need them the most keep playing wait for it to be corrected. @monochromita

Is there a chance of getting this issue resolved? @ZahMaiatt

i think its being investigated. not sure what the investigation is tho.

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