Can not place my SP!

So I am newbie player to TSWL. I have the play free version, non-Steam in case it makes a difference, because hell you just never know. Anyways, I am level 10 Elementalist/Chaos. I have no problem placing my AP points in either of these categories. However, placing the SP points is a whole nother beast for some reason I can not seem to reason. In elementalism I have the first row down of stat boosters and skills filled out and the next top one of each so 6/6 but it will not let me place anymore. As for Chaos, I do not have a single stat or skill in my passive tree, it will not let me place any and I have 50/ 50 SP. I don’t know what I am missing. I do not have any items that I have not checked that have been delivered either. It is probably something I am over looking and I am gonna look silly but this is driving me bonkers…

a picture would be worth a 1000 words here so bare with me while I try to understand but one thing you need to ensure is that you have the very first passive unlocked. It will appear on the far left and on its own. It is required to learn this before unlocking any of the others (this is what its sounds like in the case of your chaos passives). As for the elemental passives I’m having difficulty picturing where your at, it could be the same issue but the way you descibe it is that you have some unlocked but cant proceed further. At level 10 you honestly shouldnt be too far in so to be maxed out on SP right now makes me think that perhaps the same issue applies to elemental and you need to unlock that first passive.

I can only assume that by “row” you actually mean “column” and that’s not how the skill window works. You start with the solo passive and then work your way from left to right on each row. You’re not required to start with the top row, but each row has to be completed from left to right. Admittedly I’m still confused where you get the 6/6 from.

Yes the first solo passive to the far left is unlocked and is there for each of my passives, it was automatically placed for me. All I meant by 6/6 was I had 6 stats and 6 passives, I was being lazy. Ok so I did not realize I had to go across (should have, it was late what can I say?). But now it will no t let me go anywhere on my elem. tree an can’t place any on my chaos. Also I can not place any passives in my passive skill bar. is this a side effect or is there some mysterious trick?

Screen shots of your passive window would still be very useful for us to see =). Was elemental and chaos the weapons you started with?

Double check that you have Cauterise unlocked. It may look like it is because it’s a lighter shade than the other passives even when it’s still locked.

Once unlocked, the first set of stat passives will light up.

SWL cauterise locked

SWL cauterise unlocked

As for placing passives, you should be able to do that by dragging and dropping. Note that stat passives (the round ones) are always active and don’t need to be slotted.

If you want to use the Equip button you have to select which slot you want to place the passive in.

SWL passive equip


Bless you Aeryl you are a genius! You were correct in wondering about the solo passive being lit up. My Elem. solo passive was there and lit up for me, my Chaos was there and I didn’t not notice when I looked that it was not brightly lit up like the other. TY!

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Ah I was on the right track then. The chaos issue sounded suspiciously like that. The ele part didn’t make much sense to me.