Get rid of capstone levels

Seriously, just make it a single 40ap spend for each weapon and that gives you the full bonus you currently get for having all nine levels. Spending over three thousand ability points just to get an extra 1k health was tedious and pointless enough at launch but now that new players have to choose between “doing dark agartha with 15% less hp” or “not doing dark agartha until completing an atrocious, unrewarding grind”, there’s no justification at all for keeping them in the game :v:


Sure, capstones weren’t just “spending AP for ages makes you feel like there’s still progression, which is important to players” (and it was, because plenty of people who finished the grind were complaining about needing something to spend SP/AP on before DA launched) it was actually Funcom seriously believing that they could get players to spend (at a conservative estimate) about six hundred and forty quid on AP boosters. Well done Columbo, you’ve cracked this mystery wide open :v: