What if we removed attribute points and left it down to proficiency?

Attributes are nice and all but it definitely limits your playstyle while yes you can always drink a potion and swap them out, but I kinda like the ideas of proficiencies like if I carry a lot of stuff I’m going to gain strength, running I will increase my agility, taking damage I will increase my vitality, the more I craft the more I improve on grit.

I mean per point you spend you will accumilate knowledge points to spend.

What do you guys think about this? any small things you’d change?

I like the idea in theory, but i also like the ability to swap out my points on a case-by-case necessity. I usually run a strength build since I like to get in the fray, but I also like the well-trained perk to fight alongside my follower. However, if I want to level two thralls simultaneously, I like to swap to war party. If I’m farming materials, I swap my points to survival. See, if we’re stuck to your method, we become severely hampered on switching up our styles and needs. Supposing there’s a way to quickly change your points after the initial leveling, sure, perhaps I’d be ok with acquiring the points as you suggested.

In my head I have similar proficieny-based skill system, but only with weapons. You gain proficiency what you do. You mainly use 2 handed swords? You will be better with them.
You used to use maces, but not now? You slowly loose your mace-using skills over time if you don’t use maces. That’s why I did not share this, because a lot of players would freak out over losing proficiency (which they don’t even use anymore).

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Forest and 7 days to die was this way.
Every system has ups and downs.
I like the attribute system, i am good.
Like @rolee9309, i wouldn’t mind getting more “skills” by using a weapon, but the game is already like this. This game has a moveset on weapons that periodically gives you skills by using a specific weapon. So a bonus would be useful only if each weapon had a special hit, an ability hit. We don’t have ability hits in this game, so i don’t see this happening. Plus i find it fair for pvp.
Imagine how powerful old pvp players would be if they had a progression system like it, the competition would be more unfair than it already is. Don’t forget that in this game challengers and noobs can play in the same server.
So no, the system do not need to benefit the challengers more, it’s good as it is.

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I don’t think it would fit the game type well enough I’m afraid.

The ability to swap builds on the fly really helps us be able to specialize. Otherwise we’d all have mediocre jack of all trades builds. If the engine could host bigger maps, and the servers could handle a few hundred players, then I’d say go for it. Since we’d be playing with enough players to have specializations covered.

I really do wish this was possible, as I don’t like the potion to switch whenever.

Though I think attributes points should be gained by journey steps, and not have levels. So that the increased power that characters have is from actual achievement and not grinding weak easy stuff.

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