Idea about how to refine perks

I really like how You - Funcom - changed plain stat points to statpoints with perks.
And while each player has to decide for himself when to choose which perks to fit her/his playstyle, I feel like a static bonus on hitting a treshhold of stat x should not be the end. (Too much potential. :star_struck: )
I know that it might be rude of me, but I really think it would add to the game.
Both pve and pvp.

My idea is supposed to result in a lot of different and specialized fighting styles.
It would allow for players to take the role of some berserk, tank, assassin or some else role.
As it would result in players choosing a certain way of fighting it should result in weapons generally getting nerfed by 50%, while if choosing i.e. two handed weapons, all two handed weapons should be buffed by 100% or similar. (Same applies to defensive build with one handed weapons+shields or archery build with bows.)
To have players choose their main weapon instead of having everyone use everything. Due to respec potions being that cheap, it shouldnt be a problem at all.
To me freedom (in a game) means setting my own limits, while I become powerful in the one way I chose.

Please keep it mind that I only mean it as a suggestion, and all of those are only examples:
PS: I love paint. :joy:
Oh, and if I forgot that I already posted this… Sorry, please delete. :crazy_face:

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One of the great things about this game is you are not locked into a role. I won’t lie, I respect the amount of thought and time you put into this idea, and I would also point out it is really good work. But I strongly dislike this idea for this game. I don’t want to be locked into a class, I wan to be able to grab whatever is at hand and do what I need to do. This, in my humble opinion is far to restrictive.

Again, good work, I respect what you are saying, I just disagree that this system needs to be changed.

I dont agree on that suggestion locking one into one role though.
It only means choosing the mainweapon. And using yellow lotus, one can switch that all the time.
There is a thread out there, where people tell about how they change from farming build to running, fighting or to raiding build depending on their situation or plans.
So basically, most of the players are yellow-lotus-addicts anyway.

I think an improved perksystem would add more depth and thus more builds to choose from.
Also it could introduce more ways of fighting. (like the sneaky one)

Not only does it seem like most players wearing legion armor, but also almost everyone going for offensive strenght - only resorting to shields or bows if they are forced to. Also some players asked for even more buttons. Probably to be able and have each and every different weapon down there.

Currently it feels like there isnt even a hint of diversity.
If everyone uses each and every weapon depending on the current situation, how is that different to giving everyone just one weapon to finish each other off?
I think the diversity of weapons should result in a diversity of builds as well. A real diversity.
This is why I suggest this.

Also there is no need to change it. It’s just a suggestion.
Like there was no need to add animations to drinking and eating, but now those will come.

To make myself clear:
I dont mean only being able to use twohanded weapons if one chose the twohanded strenght path.
I mean become way more effective when using one of those. Shields and bows wont be as effective for people who wont specialize in them. But everyone can use them.

There are people that think Yellow lotus needs a re-work as well, that would further prohibit changing styles on the fly.

Right now I can use whatever weapon I want, or all of them and it should stay that way. If you want classes and restrictions, there are, literally, thousands of games out there (even on with a Conan theme) that offer just that. Why do we need this game to be like those? I don’t think we do.