Roles, perk system , balancing , IDEAS

  1. Animations: Speed up animations about 5-15% should probably help most of the weapons, each weapon
    different % would be more balanced, daggers the fastest, lower bleed dmg, lower stack max to 5. with perk more.
  2. Dodge animation too fast, stamina cost too low, 4 is too much and instant dodge rolls give too much, option 2: 1 dodge over time of 3 seonds with big stamina cost with running change*
  3. Attack while running
  4. The bow is too slow, feels not like main weapon also not offhand , no real use beside boss fights? meh,
    change it to be one of 3 range weapons would be better, throwable 3 different skills and perks *
  5. Running slower, longer, stamina bar 2.0, stamina bar slowly dropping not like square after square, or same running but attacks while running, maybe even both changes
  6. 2 main weapons and offhand system*, remove weapon stats move over perk/class
  7. Perk system with different experience stats and leveling overall by leveling different perks over, one exp bar each lvl of perk gives different overall main bar exp, Level bonus stats depend on the class you picked (basic lvl up stat +1 dmg + 5hp + 10 stamina)mmo style*
  8. Fight Perk system (weapon / gameplay style / fight 2.0 ) 3 main weapons of your choice (1h weapon+ shield (1), 2h weapon(2) , range weapon (3) Can’t use different weapons over what u choose to play with like mmos systems: (new weapons and perks unlock by leveling each class)
    a. Different classes: Assasin / Tank / Bruiser / Warrior (you choose your path of gameplay and stick with it 2
    changes available 30, 60), each tree with different perks to your weapon that u chose b. Assasin : (Bonus
    stats assassin + 1hp + 4 stamina 4+dmg/lvl ,subject for balance team) Weapon you choose from (sword ,
    axe , 2h sword, spear , daggers + 1 range) makes enemy bleed* assassin bonus stack up to 5+ (extra
    over 5 is perk)
    c. Tank : (Bonus stats tank + 6-9 hp + 1 stamina + 1 dmg/lvl) Weapons: Hammer, Mace, Sword, 2h sword, +
    1 range , breaks enemy shield blocks (perk or basic bonus) , knock enemy on the ground with seconds
    heavy hit (perk or basic bonus)
    d. Bruiser (bonus stats bruiser + 3-5 hp +2 stamina +2dmg/lvl) weapons: Axe , Sword , 2h , spear + range ,
    after successful kick / shield block , next attack bonus dmg basic or perk / no other idea right now
    e. Warrior (bonus stats warrior +2-3hp + 3 stamina + 3 dmg/lvl) weapons: axe, sword, 2h, spear + range,
    basic attacks are stronger (+3-4 dmg) basic or perk, attacks apply bleed 2-3 (5-6 with perk) basic or perk,
    heavy attack deal more dmg basic or perk
  9. 2nd Perk system: you choose 1 role from above + you lvl up each role by doing activities like. Perks
    a. Explorer: 1.Monsters (gather knowledge by killing 10 monsters +/- depending on the monster)perk: more
    flesh/ more dmg less taken dmg, 2. Explore camps perk: extra exp with next camp , map 3.explore cave
    perk: better vision/no idea, 4. meet npc and talk with them(npc are unkillable) perk: decorations & emotes
    unlock, 5. kill npc enemies at least 1 of each type(fighter*,archer*,dancer) of each race(more or less 1-5)
    more dmg and resistance to dmg from those types , no more ideas
    b. Gatherer : gather lvl 1 gather 2k wood perk + 1 wood per hit , gather lvl 2 gather 3-4k perk +2 wood per
    hit, gather lvl 10-15 new pickaxe unlocked (iron) and each gathering of stone , wood , leather , flesh and
    all that stuff will level up each tree of gathering item , carry weight perks
    c. Survival: making food perks and leveling, new recipes, drinking, thirst perks, temperature perks
    d. Crafting: new armor types, new building types , new receipies no more ideas
    e. Thralls : separate role so you can capture faster, convert faster , unlock next lvl of thrall to capture , (npc
    new system like players , tanks, assassins, warriors , bruisiers ), missions: capture lvl 1 warrior exiles
    thrall, unlock: you can capture: lvl 1,lvl 2 darfari warrior, mission capture darfari 2-3 warriors: unlock you
    can capture black hand lvl 1-2 warriors, you can sell thralls for better price with each lvl and to npc.
  10. Skill tree to each perk system you see above , and 2nd perk system is different for clans, if you play 2
    players, you have different numbers on gathering, crafting, thralls or just move it to clan missions or some
    quests, make it equal for solo and 10 man clan
  11. Vanilla servers exp lower to 0,5 of what is now 1 , or perk system to slow down progression, now you are
    lvl 15 on 2 first minutes, finish crafting light armor and you are lvl 30 trying to craft steel, everything in this
    game is way too mixed
  12. Less possible changes like craft multiplier and stuff, make it more logical and balanced by blocking some
  13. ofc remove perk system we currently have and replaced with suggested on top
    Im sorry for chaos in this post , im lazy , these are only open ideas and single points written.

cool to have any ideas and waste time to write it down when nobody gives a fck, + combat still suck , 100% you can escape , can’t catch … perks are not ballanced , sombody didn’t think enaugh and still got paid

So it would seem.

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