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(pɜːʳk )

Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense perks , present participle perking , past tense, past participle perked

Perks are special that are given to people who have a particular job or belong to a particular group.

Thank you dictionary for that description.

The perk system in Conan Exiles while could be very excellent does need work in my opinion, if not change the “perks” then give it another name like, let’s say “Roll of the dice” or something (just came up with that, very proud of myself.)
Seeing as perks are something that makes something better or helps something get better at what it does, rewards even, the perks i’m seeing and have been getting on thralls that I spend considered time to get from 0-20 are honestly getting me riled up.

I level a Dalinsia Snowhunter and out of three I tried now recently all got -x to strength and plus to agility or survival, the latest one got +3 STR as first perk and the last one gave -3 STR and +8 survival.
This would be like, for you working at Funcom be like "We’re gonna give everyone a pay cut BUT! we set up a painting in the office to help you get through the day.
Would be like giving your cook a very nice computer but take away his cooking equipment, seeing as he is suppose to be cooking, but now has no equipment to cook, but a computer he doesn’t know how to use, this is just an example, if you have a cook working over there i’m sure he or she is great.

Another example from in-game is I have a thrall, meant to be big and scary and hit really really hard but then he gets a “perk” saying that this thrall, who has never, ever held a bow in his hands now gets +x amount for archery, but he has to forfeit strength to be able to use that bow, that he doesn’t have nor will ever have.

I’m sure this topic has come and gone and is on-going and gonna come back up again so if not change the way the “perks” work like only archer fighters can get archery points and fighters don’t get archery points anymore basically then at least change the name of that system.
Even if just take away the chance of getting -x stats so like you get +5 STR but -8 survival, then just have it +5STR as an example.

You have my permission to change “Perks” to “Roll of the dice” or something similar.

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99% chance for a Follow Surv Perk…last 1% is mixture of all good perks. =3.

I’d be happy for Food Buffs the lean towards perks. Or even have food buffs be redone.
3% across 3… when they barely roll 2 good stats. =/

14% food should be 25%, and rest drop 10-5% as it goes down. This way 3x 15% across 3 stats wouldn’t be that bad.

Small update, leveling yet another Dalinsia, got super lucky since she had 74% chance to grow in Strength with Gruel, and 95%! to Vitality, now she is equipt with Sword of Crom, she has Brute helm +3STR and War-Dancer chest +3STR and growing very nicely, when she hit level 10 just now the got the “perk” Dead-eye which gives her +5Accuracy, completely useless stat for my FIGHTER thrall, not archer, FIGHTER. and not only +accuracy but she also got 3MINUS in strength Making the strength gear loose all its value.

How is this a perk? How is this improving my FIGHTER thrall? How can a company be called FUNcom and produce a game with mechanics that drains all the FUN out of the game?

Listen, I really like this game, there are some stuff that’s hard, some stuff where you have to be careful and watch out, there are mechanics than can very easily kill you and things you get stronger and faster at doing as you play, but spending hours leveling a thrall just to get punished or the thrall diminished by something that’s meant to be good?

I’m calling you out FUNcom!


Here we have the latest lvl 20 Dalinsia, perk system at work and working hard!


seems the last few thralls level’d up have been getting wonked perks…berserker got deadeye for the last perk :frowning:

Aye, out of the last 7 thralls, all fighters except one got -STR and most of them got some “perks” that cancelled each other out, which is kinda good scenario considering perks are supposed to be extra bonus stats but tend to dig into the main stat we or I want for my thralls.

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I can live with positive perks not wanted as long as it doesn’t give a negative perk to another category. Don’t even bother with giving out special food lately let RNG do it’s thing.

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The last 6 fighters I’ve leveled up all got minus strength or vitality plus survival or accuracy as the last ‘perk’ [read:drawback]. Perks is a misnomer. They can easily become a disadvantage.
I’m so worried getting a Thrall to level 20 now after all the hours I put into capturing the right stat spreads and then levelling them. Wish I could stop at 19. :frowning:

Edit: The 8th fighter I levelled got a positive health perk for the 3rd one. It’s possible.

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maybe they could at least give fighters a higher statistical chance to receive fighting perks, eventhough deadeye is still possible, but just not equally 50-50. This would be like saying: common guys, go thrall grinding!

So here’s an update, decided it had been awhile since I leveled a thrall.
Spinas the Maruder, volcano thrall, must be good right? Well he was turning out ok but then he get’s level 15 and a whoping -5STR.
My horse, Bearer and Greater panther (cat) got +STR +Vit and something else.
The archers are Beastmaster Teimos and work great for PVE purges. (They’re fighters…)
ALL my Dalinsias got -STR, the worst got -8 STR! SHE’S A FIGHTER! STR IS HER STRONGEST STAT!
I still have two Dalinsias and gonna level them now quikly to lvl 20, if they both get -STR then it’s 6 Snowhunters in a row that get a MINUS to their STRONGEST stats, as a “perk”
And if that will turn out to be the case I might just quit this game, gotten alot of T4 workers and been working on getting the rare ones from purges but with all my fighters getting additional stat called “perks” that bring them down just isn’t fun.

Ideally if the Thrall is labelled a Fighter the perks would be Strength, Vitality, Agility or Grit (I’m not sure about Survival’s usefulness as a Thrall) With Archers having the same except for Strength being swapped with Accuracy.

Getting an accuracy perk as a fighter is like being a non smoker and being gifted cigarettes as a reward, applying a minus to a fighter’s main stats at the same time is like giving you a health problem from the cigarettes.

If that’s not possible then at least no negatives applied alongside any attribute benefits.


Survival is actually quite useful for thralls, as it reduces the time they spend poisoned or bleeding. I’ve spent some time leveling up Exile thralls who have a high Survival stat to begin with, and often a 100 % chance to raise it. It makes a huge difference against something like snakes and Sand Reaper queens.

Fighters can still use bows, so Accuracy perks are only mostly wasted. It’s a missed opportunity, sure, but hardly disastrous.

At least until thralls are rebalanced on officials, those perks have a minuscule practical effect anyway. Mathematically, getting a rubbish Perk is something like a -4 % modifier to damage. In PvP a thrall will still kill a player in one or two hits, whereas in PvE it’s just a few more swings needed against a world or dungeon boss. That’s why I don’t stress about the perks. Only a negative Vitality Perk is a serious drawback, especially for thralls with a lower starting Hitpoints pool.

(And yes, out of my level 20 thralls, one has got +VIT as their level 20 perk, whereas all others have got Survival, or -STR or VIT.)

I got the deadeye perk at level 10 on my fighter thrall. Why? :sob:

I mean she’s an exile but why give perks like that on thralls that have a class geared towards something completely different.

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