Example of Perks not being perks


Leaving some feedback and an example of what is wrong with the “perk” system for the team.

Quick Google of the word “perk” gives this as the first dictionary definition:


  1. become or make more cheerful, lively, or interesting.
    “she’d been depressed, but she seemed to perk up last week”

I took a screenshot of my latest grind of leveling up a Dalinsia when she was at lvl 19.

Then I ran around Lemurian ruins killing gorillas and the Unnamed City gathering shards and artifacts until she made lvl 20.

That last “Perk” was anything but. When I saw she had gotten -5 vitality in exchange for +8 accuracy, I was not made more cheerful, lively or interest[ed] in leveling another Dalinsia. :slight_smile:

Perks should be PERKS meaning something positive, good, happy. Not a negative that says “hey you just spent an hour of your time to get accuracy on a fighter and less health”. :frowning_face:


Hrmmm. I dont disagree with the spirit of your arguement. But per your definition or google’s thats for a vowel.

Tweaking our google search to “perk definition noun” we get,

money, goods, or other benefit to which one is entitled as an employee or as a shareholder of a company.

  • an advantage or benefit following from a job or situation

I believe the second definition applies the best in our situation. Were they an advantage or benefit in your current situation, not really. Was it an advantage? I mean on paper yeah, you traded -5 for +8 netting 3 stat points.

Im sure this in no way shape or form salves the sting and insult. But playing devils advocate, we need more than symantics of word use for our argument. Should thralls have skill/perk trees based on their “class” so you get less bummer perks? Yeah totally. But i feel like thats what we should present to funcom. Or at least it would be harder to argue against.


Would agree if she was an archer.
As she is a fighter a can’t consider it a perk until they stop to differentiate between fighters and archers

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Don’t judge her. She’s telling you who she wants to be. Its her life.


I get the RP flavor, but even RP would be a stretch with the lvl 10 and 15 perks (which really were perks):

Universal Warrior
Born Warrior
…then at 20 she wants to be a Warden? :laughing:

wouldn’t mind if perking her up didn’t take time of my life, should tell me from lev one what she wants to be

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Thank you for the rl LOL this brought.

Not only that, but they also need to be applied under specific condition.
Non perks
Dealing 10% more melee damage(+ strength) or having +50% more armor (+ agility).
Dealing 10% more melee damage with daggers or having +10% more armor for every piece of light armor equipped

So lately I have been playing around with my Thralls.

I have 2 Delincia’s. I am still leveling my first one. So she’s not there yet. But when I placed her down I knew she was going to be powerful. Her percentages suggested as such. So far she is delivering.

I now have my second placed and it looks as though she is going more the vitality survival route.

Before the thrall changes fighters did well as archers.

I hate to sound overly optimistic because I do understand that archery perks on a fighter seems bad. But I don’t much think it overall kills the power of the thrall.

We loose a little health and a little DPS. Which with the way thralls are right now with their overpowered nature doesn’t affect PVE and PVP content.

It’s disappointing. Sure. You level and you hope she gets something awesome. But with the right gear she still can be. She just maybe missing 10 extra DPS which isn’t something I’m overly concerned with.

Considering she’ll still take down the Red Mother and anything else for that matter. Just a few seconds shorter than if she got a different perk.

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It’s not that she isn’t powerful (most T3 and up thralls are powerful enough to take down bosses with decent armor and weapons and some healing arrows), it’s that the perk system is giving out stats that are not beneficial. She lost almost 1k HP and got a boost in a stat that does nothing for her.

It’s like work saying a Perk of a promotion is a free peanut butter & jelly sandwich for lunch every day, and you have a peanut allergy. At best it’s not useful, and at worst it hurts. :slight_smile:

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it was positive. you learned that snowhunter is definitly an archer for your client xD

Frustrating yes but does not actually affect the performance of the thralls in general. I get the frustration and it should he fixed. But in the grand scheme we all want the best Pokemon.

But I’m not sweating this. Or even letting it bother me. With an archer perk any or most solid Nord or Volcano thralls flagged as fighters still kills any boss or content quicker than I can.

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