Point system of Conan

The stats in conan are of LACK.

For the most part of the game, you are running the meta, PvP stats, or PvE carry the world.

There is no custom stats in this game, its getting dull.
my suggestion is.
Have 5-7 Perks. Really REALLY good perks. i mean, so damn good you want all 5-7 of them. but
You can ONLY choose 3-4 perks. Thats it.

This place points till you get your perks is old, and nothing more than an illusion of progress and customization.

(ofc there are better ways than i suggested, but with what it is now and how they have it, i think this would spice it up.)


For Example;

Offensive Perk; +??% damage to the weapon you have equipped.
Defensive Perk; +??% AC, and use less stamina when rolling.
Utility Perk; Status effects deal and last longer ??% more.
Support Perk; Healing effects are quicker, and heal more ??%
Tactician Perk; When stamina’d out, you recover ??% faster, and +?.? increase roll iframe.
Harvesting Perk; Collect more resources ??%, and items are ??% less heavy.
Specialized Perk; If you havent switched item/weapon for more than 30seconds, +??% to damage/ effectiveness. (unequipped/auto cancel)

You get to pick 3-4 of these. It is simple, but at the same time it allows you to customize your character.
at lvl 1 or 60 you choose 3-4
Levels are pointless, they always have been. most of the time levels is a way to teach the game more than a factor to the game it self.

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