Perk system is broken

Perk system have to be changed , make lvl up bonuses for everyone and create specifications like tanks, assasin , gatherer/ explorer, warrior, bruisier , encumbrance is JOKE everyone needs some but its something that always takes points you need, this system doesn’t work , replace it and make armour more equal specially end game , 1 armor with +3 to everything is same joke as perks right now. make a skill tree , make lvl up system for specific weapons, make something different but not this… for god sake, and explain why star metal is “special at night” as it says in item info btw. not worth crafting items atm…

It glows in the dark!

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ehm , wasting time for gathering star metal instead of making hardened steel just for some light at night? ok…

Well no, of course not.
Most star metal items are stronger and lighter than hardened steel. Such as tools and the shield.
I did notice that ‘some’ star metal items were weaker than hardened steel though

Also, you only need a couple nodes, which is very easy to gather. I just drop four poison and one demonfire orb on a meteor to blast it open. Quick and cheap.
You can repair all your star metal gear by using hardened steel.


Funcom have stated repeatedly that there isn’t really an “endgame”, that the emphasis is on clan wars and I don’t think we should have specialization because then you run into more meta garbage that I hate in other games.


what are you even talking about ? we need some special stuff to creat diffrent builds , the garbage meta now is silent armour so …

I don’t use silent armour…too bulky for me! I tend to use the epic dafari gear with strength buffs or aqualonian gear if I want medium armour. I like to be nibble and roll around my enemies!!! lol

Just wish I could hit better with my daggers and bow to be a true skirmisher :smiley:

unfortunetly if you play solo , game feels broken with everything like perks , lvls , exp gained (too fast) , progression , and AI. you can’t really fight aninals with current state if you picked to be warrior good vs players , gl with that when u try to hunt animals xD and carry some leather too :smiley: game is broken and i will wait for ai patch … and perk system update ofc ,

Sounds like you want an MMO.

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i agree the perks are kinda weird but with yellow lotus not removing religions it provides lots of options for every playstyle.
encumbrance 50 perk is flat out boss, would be OP if there was not the annoying “You are overencumbered” message blocking your screen everytime you pick something up.

the only reason to wear armor is because it gives stat points and temperature resistance, ohh and cosmetics… kinda sad that the current downsides of weight, repaircosts and immobility are too high for a few % of damage reduction to justify wearing medium or heavy.
level system for weapons… why that is mmo stuff, here every weapon is used differently and you need some training with the weapon to use it effectively playerside not characterside, that is awesome. the reason mmos have a specialisation is because it is coded so you can not “learn” to use the weapon playerside, here you somewhat can: 8 different attacks, aiming, dodging, blocking, kicking. skill > specialisation
i think the gameprogression moves too fast, too fast lvl60 too fast better gear, i barely crafted all my stuff with the “new” ore when i start getting the next ore a few hours or a day later… but hey now i am endgame and can enjoy running around and building faster.

also running naked with Vita 30 in the volcano should not be possible

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the perk system is ok though it does need some ironing out to make some of the stats as attractive as others. That said it encourages players to make sacrifices and not be “masters of all trades”.

The Silent Legion Armor definitely needs a nerf though. It’s supposed to be cursed so perhaps make wearing it apply a sizeable bit of corruption. Other than that specific set though the rest are in good spots.

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just use a potion and reset after you’re done with “tables, chairs” ect

Not the way you want it does not equal ‘broken’ and tbh most of what you said would be awful

  1. Decorations should be unlocked by exploring
  2. Perk system should be more viable to pick , if you go agility build you will suffer in pve solo, perks atm are not balanced
  3. Class system makes it easier to classify and help to counterplay + makes ballance betwen each wepon and class type
  4. Animations of attack are 10% too slow
  5. Dodge is too fast
  6. Endgame is way too fast to reach , you basicly put no effort to reach every lvl of gear , farm first you start to unlock 3rd (iron - hardened steel)
  7. Ai sucks , can’t argue about it
  8. Or… just imagine having pve and pvp stances that you can change every hour / diffrent perks for both i think would work the best

I’m not into specializations and meta garbage, BUT it does seem like the perk system could use some work. I feel like I have to pump all my points into one just to get a specific advantage and then suffer on all the rest. Doesn’t seem right.

Armor and weapons also seem to be a problem. There’s a tremendous jump range from levels.

You get light and medium leather right away, then the heavy stuff maybe, if you’re lucky enough to take down the right mobs with what you have available, (even then it’s a god dam chore that will probably cost you more than it’s actually worth) and then really nothing until much later. What I think needs to happen, is there need to be more grades in between. I had heavy at 20 because I was lucky enough to find a few elephants on their last leg. And I’m looking and see nothing until I can get to epics. Witch doctor outfit and a sandwizard getup that has worse armor ratings than stuff I had 15 levels ago. Then I notice some of the max level stuff is like that too. Level 50-60 gear with crap armor stats What gives?

Gear progression is clunky to say the least.
This game has some amazing stuff in it and a some great concepts, but it seems overshadowed by a poorly thought out progression system that just seems “thrown together” all ■■■■■ nilly.

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Level 10 - Heavy Armor = 289 Armor
Level 20 - Hyperborean Slaver = 323 Armor
Level 30 - Hyrkanian Raider = 431 Armor
Level 40 - Vanir Heavy = 453 Armor
Level 50 - Stygian Soldier = 431 Armor

Looking at only heavy armor, you had plenty of options before level 60.
Plus the Exceptional and Flawless versions as well as armor sets you can learn around the world.

There doesn’t need to be more grades in between… I don’t want to have to upgrade my gear every 2-5 levels.

This is what I mean , I think progression overall is way too fast that’s why you can’t really settle down for one minute at early lvls because only time you are stopped to do something is gather leather, later you just got everything at one , perks are really not that balanced, especially agility that i think was suppose to work with jump attack looking at “jump no longer takes stamina” perk, no other explanation . I like that there is a variety of stuff armor and weapons but come on, resetting stats is happening to me every hour because i want to do other stuff and I am blocked cuz of the stupidity of those points when you go 5 perks in 1 way, you really lose alot in other specializations. I think perk system have to be changed to something like perk tree and meta won’t really matter because there is too many things in this game, same with specialisations, won’t happen, meta in this game won’t matter that much, your skill will, how you use the perks and how do you plan to fight.

  • we need some changes to remove perk reset all the time because you want to do other stuff fight/gather/pvp , some stances to something.

Whats the problem with leveling ? Yeah, if you rush your journal with your clan you are in 6 hours 60. Other guys like me, who play mostly solo, are only lvl 35 right now ? Why ? Because i did a whole lot of other things.

TheDude, how many hours playtime do you have ?

250h+ solo gameplay on 1x and 2x , both are too fast to lvl up 0.3 or 0.5 should be 1 that is now

Wait, you have 250h since release ? or in general ?