Can I ask a boon of the devs on the test server?

Going to anyway. Is there any way I can continue to gain skill points on test?

How is this helpful?

If you mean “feats” then yes, you can acquire and consume Fragments of Power. They grant 10 extra feat points per Fragment of Power. You can farm them from bosses in the Unnamed City. That will allow you to unlock many more recipes in the Knowledge tab.

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I honestly wish we had badges by our names. Mine would be legacy.
Those are all on my public server map. I can practically farm them in my sleep.

None the less they are attribute points now.

It would help me max my attribute with out guzzling potions and juggling points. Always hated that.

Freeze my bonus, and hit point gains at 60TH, but I’d love to see some attribute point something in game, like the fragments.

You can use the console command AddUndistributedAttributePoints # to add additional attribute points if you’re admin.
Obviously your request is absurd on the actual public servers, if that’s where you wanted them (based on the title)

What I think is absurd is

Now I want it on test, I’d like it on live.

On MY server; if I could afford one. I’d have 3 mods one would be 350 level. Not for level bonuses but for the attribute points. I solo, I want to be super man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah, that’s still :bat: :poop: :crazy_face:
Sooo keep sipping your potions :rofl:

The reason I usually quit playing is I’m 60th level and feel like I’m stagnating.

Yea I get that, but imo that’s more of a byproduct of the ridiculous leveling speed we got…
I usually turn XP rates far down.
The 60 attribute points however were deliberately capped so you have to choose. Having all the cake and eating it as well gets very boring very fast.
(That being said I wouldn’t mind some other form of ranking up past 60 :man_shrugging: that would have to be its own mechanic thou)

Ya, but I always end up with the same tank build :flushed:
Isn’t it about time to bump leveling up to 70 anyway?
I’m sure some of us long termers would appreciate it.

For a test server to have meaning, it has to be reflective of the game experience. The test involves the leveling; how do the changes impact the progression? How do the changes impact the mid game? The hazard to jumping to max is that you are blind to what a player experiences along the way.

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